Why Do People Drink Milk?

Why are we the only species that drinks another species milk and to top it off drink it past infancy?

Because other species don’t have the ability to domesticate animals for that purpose, and we do?

Because it’s delicious?

It be good for the bones, lassie… besides it be right tasty!

Avast ye.

Ahoy, there, matey, be it Talk Like A Pirate Day already? Well, blow me down! Shiver me timbers if I didn’t almost forget!

Yo, ho, ho and a gallon of milk! Arrr!

It does the body good. (Arrr.)

yup. I’m not an expert on history but i’d assume milk, alcohol and water were the only beverages of choice up until a few hundred years ago. Probably made the milk look very palatable by comparision.

Well there is a type of ant who milks aphids for their “milk” (whatever juice that is that comes from aphids) so we humans aren’t the only ones who practice this.

I used to like milk- I mean, what’s better than milk for your breakfast cereal? Diet Coke?

I’m now totally addicted to horchata, though. Unfortunately, only one local store sells it, and I’m afraid that if I ever move north of Austin, I’ll never see it again.

Do you have a cite? I never heard of this.

Cereal and chocolate chip cookies.
Opps, ahem… “Arrrrr”
(sorry I almost forgot).

Because we’re the only species that bakes cookies.


Ants are quite fond of the honeydew that aphids excrete.

You fergot tea, ya slimey scurveball. Arrr.

And coffee… and probably juices, if freshly prepared.

Sometimes the chaos of the world intersects in one bright, shining moment of trivial obscurity…

Here’s an aphid-milking cite:


The publication, The North Coast Journal, comes out of Humboldt County, where interestingly enough, my microscopic hometown of Honeydew is located.

Of course this adds a whole new possibility to dispell whenever I’m asked to explain my screen-name.

“No, it isn’t a mellon or breast reference…[nor does it refer to aphid spooge]…it is simply the product of a nostalgic and home-sick small town girl”.

There are many other cites about it as well…

My cat drank milk, and so did my dog. But my dog ate poop, so are we so weird?

And what I’d like to know is who was the first person to look at a cow and think, “I’m going to pull those, and whatever comes out I’m going to drink.”?

Obligatory Simpson’s reference:
“Rat’s milk?! You promised me dog or higher!” ~Mayor Quimby

And yo ho ho, an obligatory link:International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I don’t drink milk. I think it is kind of disgusting, actually.

I drink BEER!

SCREW the land of “Milk and Honey”! I want Beer and Beef Jerky!

Isn’t it great when you pop into a thread about milk and come out knowing about “ant cows” (thanks Honeydewgirl). Also I liked this bit:

“The lacewing, or aphid lion, is a vicious predator of aphids. Seizing an aphid in its tusklike jaw and lifting it high off the plant, the aphid lion sucks it dry.”

Worlds within worlds, eh?

But I don’t think drinking milk is universal, is it? Most Asian people eat little or no dairy products.