Why do people hate Resident Evil Retribution?

I enjoyed it and thought it was very entertaining, and I like the soundtrack too. Why do so many people hate it? Is it because they are gamers who think the movie detaches from the game? I never played the resident evil games.

For me it was how they advertised it. Judging by the commercials, it was going to be a globe spanning film where Alice spends the entire movie fighting against past allies while Umbrella controls everything. Instead, we get

Alice is locked in an Umbrella base, her past allies are hardly seen, she gets yet another sidekick, and way to much time was spent on the little girl. Plus the nazi zombie soldiers were over the top.

I haven’t even seen Retribution, but having seen all the others I’d guess it’s because the series went off the rails after Apocalypse. The series became entirely about Alice, who isn’t even a character in any of the games.

Even that point notwithstanding, the quality of the movies in general declined significantly following the 2nd film; not that any of them were ever good movies, but these latest few have descended rapidly into Uwe Boll territory. I did actually enjoy Extinction, but it completely derailed at the end and stayed there with Afterlife. I like the games and the movies because I like zombies killing and being killed; I don’t give 2 shits about Alice and Umbrella.

Aren’t there 47 of these movies by now? That’s why I don’t plan to see it. I don’t play the games either.

I never would have watched it but I was in the mall with a couple of hours to kill and it was about to start at the cheap second run theater so why not?

I’ve never looked at any of the games but it sure looked like it owed a lot more to video games than it did to film.

Anyway, it had explosions, zombies and hot chicks. Were people hoping for more?