Why do people post videos to Youtube?

Maybe this does not belong in GQ.

I cannot understand why people post videos to Youtube. I like to watch the posted videos on Youtube. I appreciate people doing it for me.
I can understand people putting their baby videos up for others to watch. I can understand the people that want to put up weird TV show clips (from Japan usually) to show other people.
But why do people post TV episodes on there?
Why do they post the other stuff on there?
What do they get out of it? Or is it just people being nice.

There is a social aspect to Youtube. Your YT screen name is on every video you post, and people will leave comments on the video clip’s page. It’s more or less the same reason that people will Dungeon Master a D&D campaign or go to hobbyist conventions…they get social strokes from their peers plus, if they’re enthusiasts of a particular star or show, they get the pleasure of sharing the things that interest them.

If we see something funny/moving on TV, we tell our friends about it, and talk about it with them. This is just a natural progression from that; why tell when you can show?

Some of the time, its because it’s a nice and convenient way to share it with people you know. Just post the video and email the link to all your friends. Who cares if a random stranger sees them as well. There is a private feature to youtube but it means that only people who have friended you can see it so it’s not very good for sending stuff to grandma who doesnt have a youtube account.