You Tube "Friends"?

Does anyone have any knowledge of these?

As background, I have accessed You Tube for years and have had a google account since gmail came out.

Yesterday someone sent me a message inviting me to be a friend on You Tube. I had never heard of such a thing and I didn’t recognise the name. However, I thought it maybe someone from the Straight Dope and accepted.

Today, I got a You Tube message from someone different offering salvation and the rest of the religious bit.

I am wondering why this has started and also wonder if it is tied up with Google +.

Any ideas?

Nope, it’s been around a while. I don’t get it either. It would make sense if subscribing only put you on channels, but, really, it does the exact same thing without the other person having to agree.

Anyways, lots of websites have this. Heck, this website has it. It’s Web 2.0, making every website into a form of social networking.

Thanks BigT.

Don’t know how my new “friend” knew I needed salvation.

Umm…he saw the kinds of videos you “Liked”? :wink:

Seeing the quality of you tube comments, the last thing I would want to be is friends with one of those chumps.

I have a dozen YouTube channels and I loathe the “Friends” nonsense. I’m about ready to go in and block all friend requests.

I didn’t even think about just blocking friend requests. Duh. I think it’s weird, too. I have an account, but I’ve never posted anything, I just have some subscriptions and favorites and a “like” list. I was just figuring people with channels must have a way to search for account holders who watch similar stuff to theirs and then send messages and friend requests. Most of mine have been musicians. I just delete 'em. Blocking them in the first place would be better. Duh!

That would not surprise me at all. :slight_smile:

Some time back I made a comment about Jimmy Morrison of The Doors being a bit of an unpleasant person- which he was.

About a year later I got a notification saying Morrison was a visionairy and idiots like myself were to stupid to realise it. Now Morrison was indeed a fine vocalist, but visionairy? I think not.

Youtube commenters may be the stupidest people on all the Internet, and that’s a lot of dumbasses.