Why do people "speak of things at dusk" that they won't during the day?

(a phrase from Simon Raven’s “Doctors Wear Scarlet”)

Why does the night transform places where people live from busy, workaday, unremarkable places into interesting, exciting, naughty dens of iniquity?

Night certainly provides a cover for illicit activities, of course, but does anyone else want to expound on the idea? (I remember once reading something about drag queens only coming out after midnight, something along those lines…)

In my experience, this is more or less true. For example, there’s a road in Milan near one of the gay discos along which, during the night, drag queens solicit tricks - and it’s the same road which is bustling during the day with traffic like any other road and no other remarkable activities.

But you don’t have to go to Milan to understand the truth of the idea.

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It reminds me of my friend’s parents-they were super strict and all through high school, her curfew-even on weekends, was 9 PM.

But they let her go out during the day. So she was fooling around with her boyfriend all that time.

I guess it’s the old “Can’t have sex/drink/do drugs until after midnight” fallacy.