Why do so many people dislike Omarosa.

I don’t watch reality TV, never saw an episode of the apprentice.

But whenever I read about Omarosa and Trump, even trumps critics talk about what a terrible person Omarosa is.

Any particular reason? She gets more hate from trumps critics than even trumps supporters like Huckabee sanders or Giuliani get from trumps critics.

Even before she joined the White House, Omarosa “won” the poll for America’s most hated reality tv star.

The public has only been exposed to most of the people in the Trump administration for two years. But Omarosa was on a reality show back in 2004. So we were able to get a head start on disliking her.

Sorry there’s not a transcript for easy quoting, but Virginia Heffernan and Lola Ogunnaike had a great podcast conversation on Omarosa’s mastery of the reality show dark arts here: http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/trumpcast/2018/08/omarosa_turns_on_trump_in_reality_tv_fashion.html
Having not watched The Apprentice, I kind of have to take other people’s word for it as to why she’s so easy to hate – aside for admin-era stuff like this: http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/297430-omarosa-trumps-haters-will-be-forced-to-bow-down-to-him

Name a personal quality you dislike in others. I bet you she demonstrated it on TV.

She wasn’t popular in the Clinton White House as well…evidently doesn’t play well with others and has an aversion to actually doing work…Al Gore’s former office administrator said Omarosa, “Was the worst hire ever made.”

She just strikes me as the epitome of “unlikable psycho bitch”.

She played dirty on The Apprentice and it was obvious to me that she should not be trusted. She’s a lot like Trump, actually.

I wish I could believe her motives weren’t selfish. But she was not nice on that show.

Greedy, grasping, dishonest, lazy, venal, narcissistic, famous for being famous leech. Sorta like Trump the Hutt.

I didn’t watch The Apprentice, I never really paid much attention to her, but it’s seemed like she’s tried to cultivate this “reality-show bad girl” persona, and she comes across as a comic-book villain.

She’s a loud mouth trouble maker who has a over-inflated sense of superiority. Her and Trump deserve each other. Two of a kind.

I often wondered why Trump hired Omarosa. I know she worked for him after the Apprentice.

I think she’s held several jobs within the Trump Organization. Her work history has never been fully reported.

I was even more surprised Trump gave her a position at the White House. She worked on the campaign, but most campaign workers didn’t get job offers.

Trump seemed to be the only one that didn’t know how toxic and deceitful she can be.

He’s certainly finding out now.

And vice versa.

She left the lid up? The swine!

I don’t know anything much about her, just what I’ve caught on tv recently. Isn’t she supposed to have all this “dirt” on him? Maybe she persuaded (blackmailed) him into giving her the job? Although, it doesn’t seem (if he can be believed, ever) that he had any clue what was happening, he said he had no clue she’d been sacked, or why.

Did you all see the clip of her saying that everyone would have to bow down before President Trump? Because that’s why she was hired: she’s the kind of person who can say shit like that without gagging or giggling. That’s also why normal people despise her.


And in providing continued attention to her even after she was done with The Apprentice, the American mediasphere and public give more evidence of how we brought Trump upon ourselves. Because we have embraced the celebration of the obnoxious and the feeding of the trolls.

I have always assumed her hiring was primarily a racial thing. Trump makes a big deal out of the black people who support him.

Though her past history with him and acting similar to him probably factored in, too. Trump does try to reward loyalty, as long as you’ve done something for him lately and never once are mean to him.

If she had real dirt it would be in her book. The book has some mild embarrassment, her opinions, and hearsay about racist talk on tape. She wants to make money on the book. It makes no sense to hold back anything.

I didn’t care about her until the Trump campaign – when she started lying for Trump, over and over again, and making threats against Trump’s enemies, I concluded that she’s dishonest and has very poor personal character.