Why do some videos on YouTube not play for me in Chromium?

This clip from Futurama, Don’t Date Robots, will not play for me in Chromium. The rest of the page loads, but in the video it shows a staticy background, and the text

I came across another video that wouldn’t play eariler, and tried it now and then for a while, but it never worked for me. I just figured it was a problem with that video. This time, I thought to try it in different browsers, and that same video plays for me without any issue in Firefox and in Opera.

Other videos play in Chromium, for example this one. I checked, and I don’t have any JavaScript restriction on YouTube.com. I’m running Linux Mint.

No idea, but I’ve been running into issues where some videos will not work on chrome or firefox but will work on IE.

I was going to point out your misspelling of Google’s “Chrome” browser, but I wisely decided to check my facts first, and I was surprised to find there really is a browser called Chromium, and that it is related to Chrome, but not quite the same thing.

Ignorance fought!

I’m seeing the same thing more and more lately, also with Chromium; at first, I thought it was just some copyright claim or something, but it’s been happening on too many videos where that would make no sense. Googling hasn’t revealed much so far.

It might be a problem with using YouTube’s new html 5 trial player; if you’re on the html 5 trial, try opting out, I’ve done so (though I have no idea how I landed on that trial in the first place) but have no time to test now.

I had the same problem using chrominum under Ubuntu. I managed to fix it by clearing out the browsing data under Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Clear browsing data.

I just checked everything, but it is probably either a problem with the cache or plug-in data, so you might want to check those first.

You were on the trial because everyone goes on the trial now as long as they have a browser than can handle it. YouTube very much wants to get away from using Flash.

That said, any video that wouldn’t work with HTML5 will just fall back to Flash, so it’s not going to cause the problem the OP is mentioning. Unless, of course, the OP doesn’t have Flash. It comes with Chrome, but probably not Chromium.

That said, YouTube is having odd problems the past couple of days. I haven’t noticed anything with the videos, but the site layout is getting screwed up.

No, Half Man Half Wit was essentially correct. It’s caused by the HTLM5 video player.

If you’re having this problem, go here. If it says you’re signed in, sign out. If it says you are not signed in, like I was, you need to sign up. At this point, you may need to try to play a video that fails, not sure. Then sign back out. Try to play the video again. It should work.

For another [del]anecdote[/del] data point, I haven’t had any trouble since opting out.

Well, videos aren’t playing for me again. The same symptoms as in the OP. Don’t date robots won’t play, but the other one does. I went to that link, signed up for the HTML5 player and signed back out several times. Sometimes I tried to play a video in between, and sometimes not, but I can never get some to play. They all play fine in FireFox.

So I guess it’s definitely something endemic to Chromium/Linux, because I’m having the same issues again as well, but not on Chrome/Windows 8.

Well brilliant, now I have the same issue with Chrome on Windows 8; started happening last night. It’s working fine on IE. Does anybody know a solution? Switching off/on the html5-thing does nothing. Sometimes, clicking on a different video in the ‘related’ list and then going back works, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with flash etc.

Also, sometimes the trick to switch to the embedded player—that is, change [noparse]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIDEO_ID[/noparse] to [noparse]http://www.youtube.com/embed/VIDEO_ID[/noparse] seems to work (it did always on my Ubuntu/Chromium setup, but doesn’t seem to on Win 8/Chrome).

It’s annoying that google can’t seem to get two of its products to work together nicely. I’ll be thankful for any help.