Some youtube clips are unresponsive in Firefox

I’ve clicked on two Youtube links today, including an interview of Rumsfeld and get the “A Script on this page is busy…” message, with the script identified as
Script: http : //

The videos run fine with Chrome. Some Youtubes still work with Firefox. I’ve not noticed this problem before. My Firefox is 13.0.1.

My questions are Why? and Is there a workaround?

Perhaps it’s time for me to switch completely to Chrome. Still, I am curious …

Sorry for my bad english!Im from germany and made me only to answer this question an acc :smiley:
I had the same problem but now i fixed it!You mus go to his page: there you scroll down and you must see:Leave the HTML5 Trial!Click on it and now I hope it will be fixed for you! :slight_smile:

I’ve been having Flash Player issues ever since I updated to Firefox 13. I’m using Google Chrome to watch YouTube videos until Firefox fixes their bugs.

Thank you. Your answer has the ring of truth, but I can’t test it because … things are different today! The Youtube works whether I leave or enter the Html 5 Trial.

I notice Firefox is at 14.0.1 today instead of 13.0.1, and this may be the reason. (This change, in turn, may result from my downloading a “Tor Bundle” yesterday. These new-fangled computer systems have become quite the tangled web … :dubious: )

PS: I see you created an account just to answer my question. I’m going to add your name to the “Useful New Users” thread!

I won’t start a new thread, but I just noticed another new Firefox problem. :smack:

From pages listing threads, placing cursor on thread gives a window with the first sentence or so of OP. But not for me today! :frowning: Why?

Chrome still works properly. (Yes, I’ll probably switch to Chrome completely in the not-too-distant future, but meanwhile I’m much more familiar with Firefox.)

Yes, your problem is Firefox 14. Re-install Firefox 13, which will play your videos. Then start weaning yourself from Firefox, which has become nothing but a total POS. Firefox 13 will keep on crashing several times a day, but at least it will work until it crashes, and then you just keep restarting it, resisting the temptation to throw something through your perfectly innocent screen each time Firefox tells you “Well, this is embarrassing”. Damned right it is, but Mozilla seems to actually be immune to embarrassment.

Simply reconfiguring YouTube won’t help, Firefox 14 will belligerently refuse to run any videos that require Adobe Flash. Imagine, Firefox has “improved” their browser by making it non-supportive of useless bricabrac like Adobe Flash Player.

Ah, so that’s what happened. I have quite a few addons installed and was dreading figuring out which one was causing the problem. I’ve always been leery of upgrading software that works.

What are you going on about? YouTube works fine on Firefox 14.0.1.

Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that Donald Rumsfeld cannot bring himself to deny that he is a lizard from outer space. :smiley:

BTW, it works fine in Firefox for me.

Nonsense. Are you a lizard from outer space?

I’m going on about MY experience, which is the only one I know about. Youtube does not work at all in MY computer when I have Firefox 14, but it works perfectly after switching back to Firefox 13, with no other adjustments, changes or tweaks. If it works fine in your Firefox 14, I’m happy for you.

What worked for me was reverting back to Flash 10.3. This support page from Mozilla gives instructions.

Well, good to know. I thought it was just me. I’ve since switched to Chrome and haven’t looked back.

I had this exact same problem, I rolled back to…flash 11.1.102, after uninstalling flash, which fixed the problem. Deleted cache and cookies for good measure. Didn’t need to uninstall Firefox or anything like that.

That was yesterday. This is working for me OK today. As is Youtube. I could revert to Firefox 13 and see if Youtube fails again :smack: but don’t intend to.

What I really want to do is participate in a BBQ Pit thread lamenting the increasing complexity of today’s software … :smack: :mad: :rolleyes:

The Rumsfeld video works for me, running Firefox 14.0.1. The other link hauls up a notice saying the URL isn’t valid; not surprising because the URL ends in what appears to be JavaScript, though I’m no coder.

Even with the js58 suffix deleted, the link doesn’t work. The entire link may have been copied or typed incorrectly.

The second “link” you refer to wasn’t intended as a clickable URL. It was part of the error message I got clicking the first link.

And it was typed incorrectly on purpose. (I added spaces before and after the : in http : ). I did this because my intent was to display the message, not create a clickable link. :smiley:


The problem is with Flash, not Firefox. Chrome comes with it’s own version of Flash, so it doesn’t run into the same problem.

It’s because Adobe is trying to sandbox Flash so that, if something does trip one of the various vulnerabilities, it won’t be able to touch your computer. Thing is, they didn’t in any way sufficiently test it.

There is also a problem with YouTube, in that they now opt you into the HTML5 trial without asking you. While the majority of users don’t run into problems, some do. I personally ran into the problem of some videos not having any audio. This doesn’t surprise me, as, everywhere else, Google always uses Flash for audio–see, for instance, the Google Doodles, or even Swiffy, Google’s Flash to HTML5 converter.