Youtube not working on Firefox 17.0.1

Any time I try to open a video, I get an error message saying, "“an error occurred. Please try again later.” I’ve looked around on the internet, but as usual, none of the “solutions” people suggest work. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash player, clearing my browser cookies and cache, and other crap, but nothing works. Does anyone else have a solution?

Did you try disabling your plug-ins (there’s a setting to turn them all off) and then playing a video? With Firefox I first try Flash, then the plug-ins.

I believe that Firefox recently had to “recall” an update because it just wasn’t ready for wide-spread use. You might want to try rolling back to a previous version and see if that helps.

Other than that–all I can say is that Youtube works nicely on Firefox 3.6.28.

I have Firefox 17.0.1, and Youtube works fine for me.

How long have you been having this problem?

I used to have this problem with lower number versions of Firefox. The only solution was to roll back to an earlier version of Firefox or an earlier version of Flash.

However, it no longer happens in Firefox 17.0.1. with Adobe Flash 11. I have no idea what has changed. Rollback until a new version of either comes out and then try the new combination. They’ll get it right someday.

It just started a couple of days ago. I’m not aware of my computer doing any updates to Firefox or Flash immediately prior to the start of the problem.

I’ll have to try that tonight. One website said to disable some sort of plug-in called Video something-or-other, but I don’t even have that on my computer.

Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried some other video streaming web site, such as

I tried this, but it didn’t work.

Youtube works fine on Internet Explorer, but I prefer not to use that browser. does work on Firefox.

Is it possible the problem is with your firewall or virus protection? Have you tried temporarily disabling these to see whether the problem persists?

Visit with Firefox and reinstall Flash on it and see if that fixes it (make sure you uncheck the McAfee scan…)

I think I’ve solved the problem. In Adblock Plus, I clicked “disable on this page only,” and now Youtube is working again.