Audio not working with Firefox

All of a sudden when I try to access audio through Firefox, nothing happens. All other kinds of audio works, including through Explorer. Any ideas?


Did it. Three times.

Just adding to your painful situation (I sympathize :)): last night I couldn’t get Youtube with Firefox - Windows 7. No problem with Google Chrome.

I’ve been using Firefox since whenever. It has always been faster and that helped when I was on dial-up. But Firefox has always felt like the “amateur” or little brother of browsers for me because there were always bugs and some places it could not go.
Anyway, as soon as I downloaded the latest version 3.6.15 on XP I lost the VIDEO on YouTube and a few other places. Some people are losing the audio like you are. If you Google for this you will find that we are not alone. They screwed this version up where it was working before. I keep checking for the update that will fix it. Meanwhile, I have to use another browser on YouTube.

Ah, so others are experiencing this too. That’s interesting to know.

Some hunting around on the internet suggests that the problem with YouTube might be caused by Adobe Flash Player v. 10.2.

Not everyone seems to experience problems, though. I’m running Firefox 3.6.15 with Flash Player and everything is working fine.

People report success when they roll back to a previous version of Flash Player. I guess you could also roll back to Firefox 3.6.14, or even move forward to Firefox 4 RC1.

I have Firefox 4 running alongside 3.6.15, and version 4 seems pretty good, although the newer Chrome-like styling and the changes to menu placement take some getting used to. I’m not sure yet whether i like the new look.

I would definitely put the flash player as the culprit. Most of our audio and video doesn’t actually go through Firefox at all. And Flash 10.2 has a lot of bugs. 10.1 was the first time a new release was actually an improvement, so I hoped for more, but was sadly mistaken

And if you think sound problems are bad: 10.2 crashed my computer.

I would check you haven’t muted firefox. In windows 7 you can mute individual programs and which in the past i have done, forgotten, then sat and wondered why the sound won’t work.

How would I check that?

Same directions above work in Windows 7.

I fixed this problem by de-installing RealPlayer from the add-ons. Worked to solve chronic audio problem with FF.

Well, it started working today. I don’t know what happened but I suspect there might have been an update over the weekend.