Sound not working on either Internet Explorer or Firefox

So, after having had IE freeze on me one too many times, I installed Firefox. I tried to get a video to play using firefox but it wouldn’t so I downloaded wmpfirefoxplugin and reinstalled Flash.

Then I started having problems with windows media player. I reinstalled that.

Now internet videos will play without sound and mp3 won’t play at all. Since my attempts to fix my computer have worsened my situation, I’d like help from people who know what they’re doing rather than fumbling about as I am.
I should mention I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

I’ve had problems with sound on my home W7 computer, too. You could trying going to Control Panel and double clicking on “Sounds” (I think it is called). When it comes up, I think there is a “Troubleshooting” (or something) option. I just clicked that option and let it do its thing, and my sound came back on.

Sorry for the vagueness of these instructions, but I’m not at my W7 machine now.


Adobe Flash appears to have a problem with 64-bit anything. More simply, Flash has problems on anything…

I’ve never heard of installing a plugin with an .exe file… There are seven plugins and it’s best to install them in Firefox directly from this page Plugins.

Try uninstalling the plugins ( or Firefox if you want a clean sweep ) then enabling them one by one from there. Stopping and uninstalling the last if things stop working. Realistically you may only need Flash, Java and Shockwave. Maybe MediaPlayer, Reader for pdfs, but Quicktime and RealPlayer only if you are dedicated to clunky solutions.

By now, if — rarely — I see a site saying you need extra plugins to view this content, I just skip it.

Forget about browsers for a minute.

Will other sounds play?

I should have been more precise: When I use WMP to play MP3s, it won’t. After some downloads it would only play 1-2 seconds in browsers or outside. I just tried using my G35 headphones by speaking into the microphone (you can check a preview option that allows you to check what you sound like) to see if that worked but no, nothing.

Have you tried uninstalling wmpfirefoxplugin ? If so and there’s still no sound WMP may have lost a codec or two. AC3 possibly, though you need a proper codec pack ( preferably one of the slim ones since too many codecs are as bad as too few ) for sound. Looking at Device Manager may show either red or yellow flags to indicate sound problems.


…then run the Sound Device Troubleshooter by choosing Tools -> Options within Windows Media Player, then click “Speakers” on the Devices tab, then click Advanced (still with me?) then choose the Hardware tab and choose Troubleshooting after you’ve selected your own particular hardware.
Ask Dave
Do you get sound with other music players, or video players ( such as VLC, free ) ?

I just uninstalled the wmpfirefoxplugin and everything works now, every files on both firefox and IE. Thanks all.