Why do the UK royals want the US to like Camilla?

I’m watching Headline News and there’s a story about Chuck and Camilla coming to the US. The story states that there’s a big PR blitz to get Americans to like Camilla.


I got nothing against her, it’s Charles who needs some PR. A lot of people in the world who follow the royal family see him as bit of a schmuck.

Because they remember what happened last time a group of Americans took a serious disliking towards royalty, and it ended up with them getting their butts whupped?

I think it’s more about getting us Brits to like them more, really. Hey, did you know they’ve been banned from Canada? Nice.

How do you get banned from Canada? Cite please, you got me interested.

Yeah, I was always under the impression that it’s the Brits who have a bug up their butt about Camilla. I haven’t heard of Americans disliking her.

I think they want us to accept her because a LOT of Americans loved Diana (and still do). A lot of royal followers see her as the one who broke up the marriage. I blame Chuck.

If this is true, then I am moving to Canada as soon as humanly possible.

Not that I’m particularly…anti-Camilla or anything. I think monarchy is completely ridiculous, yes. But I’d just find it wonderful to be able to say I lived in a country that banned them.

(don’t they have the queen or someone on their money?)

I never did understand why So many Americans loved Diana. What was up with that? Poor little very rich girl marries a powerless joke of a prince. Wow what a fairy tale. What is the fascination with the Royal family in the USA. I just can’t understand it. I have an Aunt who tell me all about the Royals but doesn’t know who the PM is. It drives me a little nuts. (in case you couldn’t tell :wink: )

So Canada refuses to allow entry to the man who, in all likelihood, will be the country’s next head of state? I find this extremely hard to believe.

Oh, DO explain. I might have to join the queue to move to Canada. :slight_smile:

Come on, come on, you guys. You’d prefer “Chuck” (bloody cheek!) or Dubya as your Head of State? If we didn’t have the monarchy, we’d have to choose from a bunch of wankers like Roy Jenkins (I know he’s dead - but that type of sore loser) or - heaven help us - Richard Branson. Bring on Charles and William. It’s like the Melbourne Cup. Life would be a hell of a lot duller without all these Germans and Greeks we pitch in to the role of fall guy that no one else in their right mind would touch with a barge pole. Keep this lot inbreeding and they’ll do it till the end of days. And we’ll still get folk lsike Franchi’s mom coming over to England to visit Windsor, Edinburgh and Caernavon Castle. Hell, their England trip might even boost the Irish tourism industry, and with the prices they charge and the wwather they lay on, they could do with all the help they can get.


If I’m thinking of what you’re thinking of, they weren’t banned from Canada. They were asked to postpone their visit because there is a very real possibility there will be a federal election happening when they planned to be here.

Link here

Eh? Did the last election in Canada lead to a bloody coup that didn’t make the news in the States? Would Prince Charles visiting Canada really influence the democratic process in any way, or is this just a snub in disguise?

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Who is Isike Franchi’s mom? My last name is generally rare. I am shocked to see it in this thread.

We’re hoping to sell them to the Disney Corporation.

Nah, Disney already has enough big earred characters under contract. Maybe The WB would be interested…

… or Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Yep, that’s the one. Sorry for my exaggeration; I read the original story in a newspaper that isn’t exactly pro-monarchist, and I got the idea that it was a case of actual “No, you’re not coming” as opposed to “Please would you consider not coming now?”.

I doubt he’d influence the democratic process in any way, but it’s one of those formalities that are still kept.

#1 Reason they want Americans to like them…
so Letterman doesn’t use all that great material. :cool: