Why do they only listen when I don’t want them to?

Despite various efforts to encourage their study of English, my kids can barely speak it, although they do understand a fair bit.

So my primary-school aged son is helping make pizzas in the kitchen and I’m idly singing along to myself.

Me: “Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo.
Son: (In Japanese) “What’s that song?”
Me: “It’s just a silly song with no important meaning.”
Son: “What do the words mean?”
Me: “Hmm. Well, the foxtrot is a dance, a uniform is what students wear to school, Charlie is a man’s name, and kilo is a measurement of weight.”
Son: “Their completely unrelated.”
Me: “Yes. They are. It’s just a silly song.”
Son: “. . . where did you hear it?”
Me: “ . . . . . Just somewhere.”

I really have to watch myself more carefully in front of my kids.

(Now he’s in the living room playing Mario Cart as Kinopio, and for some reason all I can hear Kinopio saying as he speeds around the track is “Oh no! Woah! Oh fuck! Fuck! Oh FUCK!” Makes me wonder what the character’s really meant to be saying. Or what’s wrong with my head. )

This song got some airplay on radio and MTV in the early 1980s. Really.

Borderline NSFW.

And then there was that Van Halen album, “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”, and also the First Unitarian Church of Kennebunkport.


Same vein, more recent.

I read the title and immediately thought, “My kid!”.

See you next Tuesday!