Why do trash men & street sweepers come so early in the morning?

Why don’t trash men & street sweepers wait till people are at work & thus, easier access on the streets?

Right now they come before 7am & wake everyone up.

What’s the origin of why they must come so early?

that’s when the shift starts or ends maybe they been working all night. They come to my house at 3 PM. They gotta be at your place by 7 AM so they can get to mine at 3 and then over to my shop by 5. In the summer they come earlier,try lugging some heavy cans around in 100* heat and the garbage has been sitting there all day. What are you still in bed a 7 for anyway?

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Simple–there’s less traffic on the roads at those hours, so it’s easier to manuveur their large vehicles down the streets. If they cleaned/picked up trash during business hours, they’d block traffic for miles.

In the narrow streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, on many a morning you will see long lines of autos waiting behind garbage trucks, which are big enough that they’re hard to pass, especially if you’re one of those jerks who owns an SUV.

If they pick up the garbage and sweep the streets at six, they block fewer cars than they would at nine.

That’s an urban answer, anyhow. Someone else will have to weigh in on the 'burbs.


WAG: They basically want to pick it up as quickly as possible so that[list=1]
[li]it doesn’t start stinking up the neighborhood[/li][li]the animals don’t have a chance to get into it[/li]they can avoid traffic[/list=1]

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Don’t forget that when they’ve finished picking up everyone’s trash, they don’t just park the trucks and call it a day. They still need to drive to a landfill and dump it. The nearest landfill may be several hours away! So, they pick up in the morning and dump it in the afternoon before the landfill closes at dusk.

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Shouldn’t that be trash “person.”

Shouldn’t it be “sanitation engineer”!

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.

Our subdivision wielded its political authority and asked the trash - er - sanitation engineers to pick up after 7:00am.

So, like clockwork, they arrive between 5 and 6am.

See what clout we have?

My ex boyfriend was a garbageman.

He started at 6:00 AM, and was done around 2:00/2:30. The reason(s) were:

a) Easier to maneuver - less traffic

b) Some businesses prefer it. Would YOU want to hang out at the drive through of a McDonalds or KFC while THEIR garbage was being dumped from a disgusting dumpster into an equally smelly truck? Blech!

c) Landfills allow last dumps in this area around 3:00 - after that, you’re outta luck (or you better have a transfer truck available).

d) Disposal companies, at least the ones in this area, also cater to businesses, e.g. construction, more specifically roofing. Yes, I worked in the roofing industry. Anyway, our crews would generally start the day around 5:00/5:30. They’d tear off in the early morning thereby filling the boxes and requiring their first exchanges fairly early. It doesn’t take long to fill a 30 yd. dumpster with roofing materials… Anyway, the disposal co. would start exchanging boxes early - first one usually at 5:30 or 6:00 and run through till the shift ended at about 2:00. Wouldn’t make sense for the disposal companies to have all kinds of people starting at different times…their office people and shop people would like to have a normal workday too. So, it would make sense to have ALL the drivers starting at the same time.

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AWB, animals eat at night especially raccoons.

Wherever I live they always come by 7am. They must be following me & deciding that their first street is mine.

Our city is debating power blower noise. They ought do something about the trash people instead.

Usually because the traffic is less. In my town, the street cleaners are out around 1am. The Garbage men start around 5 or 6 and rush like hell through their routes because they have a unique employment bonus: no matter how early they finish, they still get a full days pay and get to go home. Now, THAT is incentive. Most have some type of second job that they go to when they finish.

The Night Watch always knows things.

Because it’s the only time their wives don’t have a headache…

This would also be known as “premature sanitation.”

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Since they block road traffic when in operation, they try to do the busy roads before the rush hour.

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