Why do we :: duck and run :: in some threads?

I mean, it’s not like someone can really clip yer ear for saying something cheeky or anything - and they certainly can’t chase ya!
I say we mosey on outta those threads just like all the others.

You obviously haven’t let loose some of the stinkers I have! “Faced with a choice between standing and facing the consequences or taking the money and running, I, for one, could use the exercise!” (Probably inaccurately quoted from Pinky and the Brain)


From now on, I’ll mosey. I suspect others may sashay, though. And let’s not count out those amblers.

I generally scamper.

Because ‘we’ are idiots and ‘we’ feel the pressing need to point out that ‘we’ have said something cute.

As Spoz put it to me a few months ago:


(that’s why some of us do it… I personally haven’t done it much, though)


Next question: Why do we run naked through a thread?

And how come “we” in that sense is only iampunha and not some hot babe? Why?

I lurch.

I quite like the idea of lurching naked though.

Make a smartarse remark, nip 'em on the bum, then lope like anything for the nearest den, I always say …

dantheman, having run naked through a few threads and danced naked in one last night, I hearby take offense! You do realize you’ve just reduced your chances of seeing me naked, don’t you (check with HJay about tactics for changing that). :smiley:


I…uh… must have missed those threads.

See, I hang out with a more refined crowd. :slight_smile:

Ya know, if they’d quit parking in those places, those folks wouldn’t be re-fined!