Annoying threads we have not seen in a while.

I was floating about on the net the other day when I came accross the “fact” that a ducks quack does not echo. This got me thinking about the many annoying threads that seem to pop up every few days, weeks, months on the SDMB, but we have not seen in a while. Here are a few I could think of:

“Does a ducks quack echo?”

“Prove that I exist.”

“Creationism vs. Evolution.”

“Capitalism vs. socialism.”

(I swear that I thought of this before fishcrawford’s thread) “Did the US need to drop the atomic bomb?”

“Do those ab stimulating belts work?” (However, I am not sure if we will ever see that one again)

December is a jackbooted-facist-hypocrite-troll-jerk”

“Women: Does size matter?”

“I’m a really nice guy, why can’t I get a date?”

I think we went through a phase where more than one of these threads existed simultaneously. It was disturbing and pathetic. For future reference, any guys thinking of starting a thread like this, the responses always break down to:

1.) Work out.
2.) Have some self-confidence.
3.) Hygiene.

Also, “Esprix is a one-trick pony” and “Manhattan is a jerk” over in the Pit. People chime in with “Yeah!” or “Wrong!” or “Maybe a little, but for all the right reasons.” And it occupies four or five pages.

Is the Time Cube guy for real?


I haven’t seen any “gry” questions for a while.

Don’t forget the “What happened to the other dollar?” question.

See, these three guys go to a hotel…

Haven’t seen the Bonsai Kitties for a while.

Haven’t seen the question about that ‘psychic website’ (you know, with the numbers underneath symbols) in a while either.

BTW, is this an expression of nostalgia, a scientific inquiry or just an aimless grunt of wonder about the current state of affairs? Or a poll for more of such threads? The OP sure does have a tinge of nostalgia, of those blessed days of yore when you could easily pad your post count by cut & paste of a linkety-link. Now we have to work for posting answers in GQ, dammit.

You know there’s one of these going on now, right?

Anything by Wildest Bill.

SeeThruArt’s “Faking the Moon Landing” type threads.
[sub]Those really frost my wiener[/sub]

It’s been a while since there’s been any “racial superiority” threads, however thinly disguised as “genetic intelligence” or “sports proclivity” topics.

I would just like to comment that it’s been like a week and I haven’t seen an oral sex thread!


oh, wait…


What about anal sex? One of those pop up in the last few days?

I was going to say we haven’t seen any Hard drive ???, please help threads in a few months, but then I realized, whoops! I was reading the calendar wrong.


“What are you doing RIGHT NOW?”
Sitting at the computer, what else?

“What are you doing RIGHT NOW?”
Sitting at the computer, what else?

Why do people want to know; it’ll be out of date in a few minutes.

Maybe those annoying threads have gone (?), but I wish to take this opportunity to say that IMHO there has been a lack of really interesting threads, lately. Maybe it would be better to have the standard bad threads back, so that we can diss them, along with some more inventive OP’s being generated.

[ul][sub]Back when I was a complete newbie I asked, in ATMB how long one should wait to start a thread. Chronos answered that it did not matter, since some people are good at it and some aren’t. I have started about 5 threads and only one got fair reaction. I therefore confess that I start bad threads, so I can’t really complain, just hope that those with the talent will get off their duffs.[/sub] ;)[/ul]

Permit me to smiley. :smack: I think I was wishfully thinking.

There is deffinitely a lack of interesting threads at the moment. We demand more gross-out insect stories!

Yes. :wink:

Hey, you’re asking for it: No, it didn’t need to drop the atomic bomb, but hey, we all make mistakes from time to time :wink:

It is doubtful that the Japanese would have given them landing clearance. :rolleyes: