Why does Café Society have 4 mods?

IMHO has 2 as does MPSIMS. The Pit and GD have three each and GQ 4.

I realize they are not unique to each forum, but we used to have **Dex ** doing it alone and now there are a whole platoon of mods. Have we CS habitués been extremely rowdy?

Hell hath no fury like a scorned geek.

Build a place for them to moderate, and they will come.

Dex never did it alone; Dex stepped in to help Ukelele Ike and the two of us managed it. However, we hit a point where both Ike and Dex were distracted by other areas (i.e., real life) and so rang the bell for aid. The cavalry came over the hill (not to be confused with the calvary) to the rescue.

They weren’t even offered double pay. Our appreciation to fluiddruid and Skip who have been doing a fantastic job.

My situation is well on the mend, so I’m able to stop by and do the occasional post, but my online times are unreliable, so it’s gonna continue this way for a few more months.

It’s so the load is light enough that they have time to play four-person Cancellation Hearts while they wait for somebody to post something controversial.

:dubious: double pay - from zero? Should be easy.

Uh, yes, it’s called a joke. They weren’t even offered it, see?

I was joking, too. But the difference was -

my joke wasn’t funny.


Lord Ashtar didn’t realize Dex liked talking about himself in the third person.

Dex doesn’t. It was a response to the prior post, and I decided not to change the person until midstream – you’ll note that the first sentence starts in third person, and the second clause remains third, but the third clause switches to first. No second persons were injured during the typing of that message. No, what’s on third.

my bolding
No, What’s on Second, Who’s on First and **I don’t know ** is on third base.


I don’t give a damn!