Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

I’m guessing this topic has come up before but I couldn’t find it with any cursory searches so I am asking it here: why does coffee make you poop? It can’t be simply the caffeine because there are plenty of caffeinated beverages out there, some much more caffeinated that coffee (I’m thinking of you pre-workout energy), that don’t trigger a BM.

My guess is that it’s perhaps a combination of triggers; physical and psychological. The caffeine probably does play a role, stimulating the bowels to move in some way, and the heat of the coffee may aid in this function as well. I am also guessing that the psychological role that coffee plays in a person’s life may also serve as a stimulant of sorts. Because I have found that within taking just two or three sips of my first cup I must go to the bathroom; this doesn’t seem like enough time for anything physical to have occurred in my body from drinking that teensy bit of coffee.

But I leave it to more knowledgeable sources, what is the straight dope here?

Coffee in itself (not just its caffeine) stimulates both peristalsis (intestinal movement) and diuresis (urine production). But that isn’t saying much other than…they make you poop. And pee.

The caffein, I think. It stimulates bowel movement and also your metabolic rate.

I’m pretty sure it’s due to the acids in coffee. Try the special low-acid coffees and/or cold-brewing (which minimizes acid content) and you should notice much less of that effect.

Another recent thread discusses the fact that eating (or even planning to eat) anything will tend to stimulate the bowels to move things along. Since coffee is the first thing that most people consume each day, it gets credit that any food or drink could claim.

It may also be worth noting that coffee does have some fiber in it. It’s about 1-2 grams per cup, which is about 5-10% of daily RDA… and for a typical someone who’s only getting half their RDA of fiber, a few cups of coffee could be a majority of their daily intake of fiber.

Anecdote: coffee and energy drinks do it. Rockstar is probably the one I have the most experience with. Caffeinated sodas don’t do it. And by “poop” you mean “horrible acid lava flow” then, yeah.

Doesn’t fiber take longer? Acidity could be a factor, but I don’t think coffee is much worse in that respect than many other things,

Likewise, in another thread, suddenly adding warm food or drink to the stomach also stimulates a dowel movement or urination. Its a method for your body to dump (heh) excess heat.

Hot water works, too. I’ve had kids drink a cup of hot (warm) water to get their little systems moving. Sometimes I’m feeling particularly kind and put in cocoa, but plain is best.

Back when I used to smoke, a cigarette would often have the same effect on me. Obviously not every time.
Let’s say if I had a load staged and ready for a shipment, a cigarette would frequently expedite delivery.

Do the cabinetmakers know about this effect?

Water has the same effect. I drink a 16 oz glass of water to re-hydrate when I get up in the morning. Within an hour the inevitable happens, especially if I eat something during that period.

Coffee makes you poop???

Well, not me apparently.

Looking back, I never had to reel off a yard in the mornings before I became a coffee drinker.

it’s good to the last plop.

Back when I used to smoke, if I was feeling a bit backed up, I’d stand outside my bathroom with a cup o’ joe in one hand and a smoke in the other. Oftentimes just the aroma of the coffee and cigarette smoke would be enough to get the soldiers marching.

My aunt used to make a joke about her morning coffee and smoke.

It can’t be the caffeine, because Sanka is famous for helping old people poop without keeping them awake.

You have a period?

Man walks into a diner, tells the hostess “I’ll have a bran muffin, prunes, and a cup of coffee.”
“Will that be for here?”
“No, it’s to go.”