Why does everyone hate Fred Durst so vehemently?

I know nothing about him or Limp Bizkit but I saw a brief street interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he came off like a tool. I know that he is hated by many but has he done something specific?

It’s lots of little things. I don’t think there is any agreeance on one big reason.

Here’s one big reason - everytime he wins an award his speech starts out as “Oh, I thought everyone hated us, blah, blah, blah.” It started out after the whole Woodstock debacle and he hasn’t let it go ever since. Plus he talks a lot of trash to people and doesn’t back it up. Por ejemplo, he trashed Scott Stapp of Creed saying that he could kick his ass and how if Stapp ever said anything about him again he’d go mess him up. Stapp then replied with an invitation to settle it in a pay-per-view boxing match with the proceeds going to charity. Durst then responded by saying that he would pass, since he doesn’t believe in violence.

What a goddam tool.

I imagine it has to do with he is a talentless, or at best barely talented, individual who has delusions of being a major artist. On top of this he says stupid things a whole lot and in general acts like the stereotypical dumb ass rock star. Personally I ignore him and his music so I don’t really hate him. I can imagine those with less ability to ignore it or lower thresholds with regards to exposure come to hate him and have it fade very slowly if at all.

Additionally as someone who was around Limp Bisket’s core demographic when they first became big I developed a low opinion of their average fan and that didn’t help my early opinion of him or his band.

Fred Durst: “I had to fuck a lot of bitches to get where I am”

The guy thinks he is gods gift to “metal”. I think he is a piece of shit. I never liked LB myself, but I thought Wes Borland did some creative things with his guitar and he made the group what it was and this has been proven by the fact that as soon as he left we stopped hearing from Durst for the most part. Sure you see him around once in a while, but you never heard him speaking any more.

Now I wish Korn would throw in the towel because they suck badly now. I can’t believe they won a grammy for that shitty song

What was the Woodstock debacle?

IIRC, the Woodstock debacle is that the riots started during the Limp Biz Kit song “Break Shit”, and the band did nothing to try to stop the shit-breaking.

I don’t hate him that much. But then I don’t know him, nor what he has done. I get the impression he is just a skateboarder with a band.

It is eminem that I ‘dislike’ (I ‘hate’ very few actuall people), He acts like a tool and his singing voice is annoying.

the Howard Stern interview this week- now maybe Brittany does put out rather easily, but even if so, she didn’t deserved his shag&tell rip on her.

His pathetic attempts at hooking up with the likes of Christina Aguilera or Britney then getting totally blown off.

His lack of talent and weak “singing” voice; and The Great Guitarist Replacement Crusade. Can we say backfiring PR attempt?

His “mouth writing checks his ass can’t cash” about trashtalking others. Neurotik’s right, it’s hard to act tough when you’ve backed down from the guy from Creed, sheesh.

His “mafialike” threats to the band Taproot when they signed to another label. WRAX played a copy of an answering machine message he left full of talk of “disloyalty”, vague threats about making enemies in the business, etc.

His pathetic attempts to make meanful statements on camera. That’s right, Fred, this war should just “go away”. Good call on agreeance, astro.

His calling the Rage Against The Machine bassist “a pussy for not jumping” from the high perch he was on during the MTV Awards, after saying that “that guy is rock ‘n’ roll”. Which is it, Fred?

He should just shut up and become a fulltime record company exec already. He’s already got the sleaziness, stupidity, and empty BS talk down.

I would SO pay to see a boxing match between Stapp and Durst. Of course, I wouldn’t know who to root for.

To win, or to get the piss beaten out of?

Well, I think he’s mostly hated because he exemplifies what people really hate about the music industry. His fake-ass image (wants to seem like a rebel, voice of a generation. is actually a record exec), his overexposure and lack of talent, his vapid comments made from upon his undeserved pedestal, etc.

I also think he got to talk way too much for way too long, and pretty much always came off like a stupid asshole. He inspired a whole lot of people to dress and act the same way as he did, and these were people that many others disliked for their complete lack of individuality, wannabe homie/thug poseurness, stupid comments made very loudly, and general macho posturing. Not that every Bizkit fan is like that, but they appeal to that group quite a bit, and have come to be identified with them.

So, yeah. That’s why we don’t like Fred.


A total win-win situation. I have actually liked some Limp Bizkit songs in the past, never true with a Creed song, so I’d be glad to see Scott Stap get his comeuppance for his endlessly awful songs which periodically dominate the radio. But I harbor no love for Fred Durst either, and if Scott Stapp kicked his ass I would have a reason to like him.

Don’t you just love a super self-righteous “Christian” rocker who declares publicly that he would like to solve his petty-ass dispute with violence? And then do you not love even more the fake-ass thug wannabe tough-guy who runs in fear and ducks behind a lame-ass excuse? Let’s get someone COOL in there to give them both a solid thrashing. Kerry King (of Slayer), for example, could teach them both a whole lot about both what it means to ROCK, and what it feels like to have Kerry King of Slayer kick your ass.



Personally, I don’t like him just because…I don’t! :slight_smile:

Heh Heh.

For those interested, Durst will be on Howard Stern’s E show tonight (3/4) with the now infamous Britney Spear’s comments.