Why does God hate my car?

About 4 years ago I finally did something I’ve wanted to do all my life. I bought a '06 Mustang GT Convertible. I didn’t even ask my wife first. Sure, some may call it a mid-life crisis kind of thing, but it really was a fulfillment of a childhood dream (that I really, really felt the need to fulfill before I hit 50). It is even styled after, and the same color as the one my Dad drove when I was 9.

Anyway, I typically put it away under a car cover for the winter, as I did the last part of this winter. So, some nice weather early got the cover off earlier than normal… took it out a few times. Then some not so great weather and it set for a few weeks, and I must have left something on because the next good spell it wouldn’t start. Nothing a quick jump wouldn’t fix, but I was busy and didn’t have the time.

Something you should know about this car is that since it has a soft top the window rolls down about a half an inch when the door is opened and then back up when closed. Apparently with the battery dead it didn’t have the power to close back up when I gave up on getting it started.

Then we had 8 inches of surprise late snow. Fortunately I realized it the night before that the window was down a bit and quickly grabbed some rags to fill the gap. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how quick things would melt the next day and the rags would wick the water into the interior. Got that dried out in a day or two… and all was good again. Got it jumped and ready to go again.

So, I’ve driven it to work this week again after returning from spring break. Today God decided to throw golf ball sized hail at my car while it sat helplessly in the parking lot of my work. My hood and trunk now look similar to golf balls with all the dimples.

I’m sure many of you will think I’m crazy… it is just a car, who gives a rat’s ass. Hopefully there are a few car guys here who will understand that after years of washing, waxing, using a clay bar, polishing, and buffing out even the smallest scratch how sick I felt when I looked out over my now ruined car. I have insurance which will pay for the repair, but I’m pretty sure it will never be the same.

Well, not a dude here, but I had a '98 and loved that car. I can feel your pain! It won’t be quite the same after the repairs, because you’ll know it’s not original, but that will fade a little over time, and you’ll never take the cover off until after April from now on.

Oh poor thing! That’s awful! I have an early Miata that I love dearly so I can relate. When you have it repaired, go ahead and pay the extra to get the whole car painted. It’s worth it. Then maybe having a brand new paint job will make you smile again.

Change its name from Christine.

I’m a car girl who clay bars/waxes my own car (it’s no Mustang GT but it’s mine and it’s new and I take good care of it :slight_smile: ) and I totally get you. I regularly inspect the paint job and notice tiny chips in the paint from whatever rogue rock that came flying at me at some point. Makes me want to cry. I learned how to do paint touch-up repairs just so I can preserve the body under the paint. I park at the back of just about every store lot I enter to avoid door dings, but some day, some day- it’s going to happen. Or worse. I love that car. And I feel for you! :cool:

Well, maybe the mileage will increase now.

I knew before I clicked what your link would be. In fact that was the only positive thing my coworkers were saying today (everyone who was there past 5pm is in the same boat as me).

There were a few hundred cars in our parking lot last night and they all probably have a few $k damage. There are also 3 car dealers in a half mile stretch of the road by my work. As of 9 this morning the main body shop in the area was already 2 weeks out before they could even get you in to look at your car for an estimate. I guess I’ll be driving a blue golf ball until mid summer.




God’s clearly a Chevy guy.



Ok, rather than letting this NASCAR’ish brand bashing derail the thread that should be devoted to mourning my baby, here is a link so you can all use hilarious acronyms to bash your least liked car manufacturer.


For the record, most of the cars I’ve owned were/are GM’s. I currently own a Chevy, a Pontiac (I’m surprised the list I linked to missed the racial slur well known to this brand), a Ford, and a Nissan. I like cars… nice cars. I couldn’t care less who makes it… if it is cool and it impresses me, I like it, and want to keep the example as nice as possible so others can enjoy it too. My own car gets bonus points because it is basically a remake of the car my Dad drove when I was 9.

The only exception of course is MOPAR which we all know sucks. (sorry, a good friend of mine is a top executive at (insert whichever company currently owns the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep brand) and giving him a jab is just habit).

You have my total sympathy. I used to have a 78 Triumph Spitfire that had been parked in the back yard of someone with speed freak kids. I lovingly restored the electrical system (learned why British bikers drink warm beer), I rebuilt the tranny hump by hand, pretty much repaired everything. Dang, I loved that car.

One day, I let my bf drive it. He stuffed it under a SUV. Bf became an ex, insurance fixed my car. It was never the same.