Why does high alcohol beer taste like.....you know.

I can sit and drink 90 proof whiskey straight…no soda, no ice. In fact, I drank 375ml of Jim Beam over the last 2 hours. No problem. high octane. tasted good.

But give me a 8% malt liquor like Camo, and I want to barf. And I like beer. ALOT! But high alcohol beer like malt liquor or ice brewed beer I can’t stand. It’s almost as if I can taste the alcohol. YUCK. Yet it has far, far less alcohol than the bourbon I had tonight. Why does high alcohol beer taste so crappy?

How about Molson XXX? That stuff is like 7 point something ABV, and I think that’s why you never see it in the states. I was hoping to try some in Canada, but the bars I was in didn’t carry it.

I don’t know - I’ve had a number of beers greater than 10%, and they tend to be sweet and thick - like a dessert wine.

The strongest beer I’ve ever had was Uncle Igor’s Famous Falling Over Water - I think it was billed at about 21%, give or take. Tasted like a cross between a coffee stout and a good port. Unfortunately I overchilled it, but it wasn’t a bad drop. I haven’t been able to find it since, and I think it’s now off the market.

21%? Over here, it would be called “distilled”, not beer.

Anyway, there’s plenty of gorgeous high-alcohol beers. Although I have to admit, all the examples I can think of are Belgian or German, with a few Dutch tossed in for good measure.

I think the question should be why does cheap high alcohol beer taste so crappy?

Why not drink some decent beer instead?

And don’t worry Coldfire those sites are available in weird foreign languages like Dutch

Does anybody remember a concoction called “MIDNIGHT DRAGON”? It was a high-alcohol malt liquor, and had an alcohol content of over 13%! The stuff was marketed to poor people in ghetto areas…I’ll never forget one of their ads:…“Midnight Dragon-for the man who can’t waste time getting wasted”!
I’m amazed that they couldhave gotten away with this…it was almost like selling crack!
I am a libertarian, but this type of “product” (and its marketing) turns my stomache!

La Trappe! Would you believe that’s actually from my home town? :slight_smile:

In het hart van Brabant staat een abdij. Al meer dan een eeuw rijzen aan de weg van Tilburg naar Moergestel haar torens omhoog. Wat bracht hen ertoe zich daar te vestigen? In het jaar 1880 maakte de abt van het Noord-Franse trappistenklooster de Katsberg zich zorgen over het lot van zijn kloosterlingen. De franse regering werd meer en meer anti-godsdienstig. De abt zond één van zijn monniken, Sebastianus Wyart, uit om een toevluchtsoord te zoeken in het buitenland. De keus van P.Sebastianus viel op Nederland, waar hij in de buurt van Tilburg vond wat hij zocht in de vorm van een stuk heide, waarop enkele kleine hoeven en een schaapskooi stonden. De volksmond noemde deze hoeven, de “Koningshoeven”, omdat ze eigendom waren geweest van koning Willem II, die in Tilburg zijn residentie had gehad.

If you’re drinking “malt liquor” made by most of the commercial crap brewers in the US, then there’s your answer. Their 3-4% standard beer is swill, so why wouldn’t their 5-10% stuff be as odious?

Coldie, Tapioca-- a sort of hippie cooperative grocery neat my house has had La Trappe Quadrupel for $2.79 for the big bottles (Amercan pints, I think) for a few months now and it has greatly improved by quality of life.
How about Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe) or Kwak? mmmmm.
High alcohol beer can be glorious.

Most of the mass marketed, high alcohol beers use rice or corn adjunct to get the higher alcohol levels than can be obtained with 100% barley malt. Unfortunately for the consumer, corn and rice don’t make tasty beers.

That’s a good point!:slight_smile:

I spent the last six months or so of my drinking chugging - and I mean chugging (then puking up) - cheap, high-alcohol beer (Carling Black Label 8%). There are signs up in my corner store announcing the imminent arrival of 10% Black Label.

Now, I’m sure there are good high-alcohol beers out there, but that stuff was swill.

Don’t miss it at all. :slight_smile:

Beers anything over about 5.5%alc/vol, IMHO, need to be darker brews - bitter ales, stouts, and the like. The more alcohol you have, the more rich, warm flavours you’re likely to get from the byproducts of the yeast reaction. This doesn’t go well if you’re after a refreshing, sparse lager.

The strongest beer I ever brewed was a stout at the upper limit of natural fermentation - 14%. It was drinkable, but not great. The best stout I ever made, on the other hand, was about 6.5%.

BigNik, I remember reading about Uncle Igor’s, but I remember thinking at the time just what Coldie said - there’s no way that can be traditionally produced beer. It’s probably fortified with a neutral grain spirit. I haven’t tried it.

This year’s CAMRA champion barley wines:

Adnams Tally Ho! 7%
Big Lamp Blackout 11%
Burton Bridge Old Expensive 6.5%
Goachers Old ?
Lees Moonraker 7.5%
Robinson’s Old Tom 8.5%
Woodforde’s Headcracker 7%

Robinsons Old Tom back on the market?they packed up years ago I hope they really are back.

I hat the way beer tastes.

But hey, I’m a teenager.

I drink what I can get.

Its kinda sad though, because I’m the only girl I know taht can outdrink the guys… wether its beer or the hard stuff, I’m always the last to fall.

You know, sweetie, it is kinda sad. That you think being to outdrink the guys is cool. And, as for being the last one to fall, come back in 30-40 years. You’ll be the first to go. Alkeys don’t have long life expectations. Maybe you’ll change. I hope so. I’m pulling for you.

Oh, come on man, get off it. She’s a teenager. Teenagers drink. I’m willing to be that 50% of the people here would get loaded on friday nights in high school and college. Binge drinking in youth != alcoholism later in life.

The strongest beer I ever drank was UKV 27%, I think it’s german, tastes like beer flavored brandy and probably is. The strongest natural beer at least according to a couple of brewing books I’ve read is Samuel Adams Double Bock it’s 17% and I’ve never been able to find it.