why does it feel so good to clean your ears

Well, I guess you don’t have to technically be all up in there with a Q-tip, you could use a bobbypin or something…anyway…why does it feel so good to stick stuff inside your ears?

Ahh, the eargasm.

It’s all fun until you puncture an eardrum.

What a fun thread.

I’ve always gotten the eargasms, and yes, I get better results doing it after a shower and with 100% cotton tips.

I never thought for even a moment that it was unusual. My whole family cleaned their ears this way, and they always looked like it felt good to them.

Also, I remember being told that as a baby, my grandma would coax me to sleep by twisting a Q-tip into my ear. :slight_smile:

I dont know, but it’s that very reason why I enjoy having my dog lick my ears.

If I had to WAG, I’d say it has something to do with a possible higher concentration of nerves in the ear versus say, the elbow.

I think everyone enjoys the sensation of cleaning out the ears, It almost feels so good you feel like your hitting a happy spot, Just like on a dog you feel like moving your leg and scratching win you hit that spot. But my advice is nor q-tips it just jams the wax right back down, you need to use a bobby pin or paper clip. And of course no matter how good it feels don’t go too far, you can perferoate your eardrum. Have your doctor clean your ears

Related topic - perhaps a poll or something similar, but just how many of us Teeming Millions use the cotton swabs in only the prescribed manner? Or to put it a different way - how many of us ignore the safety warnings that are on all the packages: Do not insert swab into ear canal?

I know I do. And I do so enjoy the feeling of cleaning out my ear.

I read that in India there are street vendors who will clean your ears on the spot for a small amount of money. They are very popular and that’s how they earn a living.

I, too, enjoy the eargasm on a regular basis. However, not everybody enjoys them: my girlfriend (who is the first person I’ve ever met that disliked said ritual) despises the q-tip, and only uses them when she absolutely has to, or she uses it for makeup removal. She claims that it just hurts to shove a q-tip in hear ear canal.

Putting anything in my ears makes me cringe… I hate cleaning out my ears. I prefer doing it in the shower to mask the sensation of the cotton-bud (Q-tip) with water.