Why does my .avi default player not save

Every time I play an .avi file, my windows program opens up and asks me which player I would like to use as a default player. I pick Media Player Classic every time and everytime I open it up again, it asks me to pick a player. My default settings for mpegs,wmv’s,mp3’s,and wav’s are fine. So I don’t understand why I can’t just keep a default setting for .avi. I have already tried to go through my settings and fix it that way. Still doesn’t work

Can anyone help me?

Do you have any other programs that can play .avi? If so, try going to the options and de-selecting .avi from them and then re-select .avi in your preferred program and see if that works. I seem to have memories of dueling default players until I figured that out. YMMV.

Find an .avi file in your file explorer, right-click on it and select “Open with” and “Choose program”, select Media Player (or whatever default program you want to use), and make sure that “Always use this program to open these files” is checked at the bottom of the window, then click on OK. This should set the chosen program as the default.

If I remember correctly, isn’t Media Player Classic just an EXE file without an install package? I wonder if this could be flummoxing Windows because MPC won’t be in it’s list of installed applications.

I already select “Always use this program” everytime I open it up and it still asks me for a default player the next time I open it up.

MPC is under its list of installed programs. I think that at one point, MPC and Windows Media player were the same thing. Someone just took the code for it and made MPC. If it weren’t under the list of installed programs, I couldn’t have my mpg’s, mov’s, and asf’s defaulted to that player. It just seems weird that it is only happening to .AVI’s. I will have to try what africanus said, but I belive that I have already tried that.