why does my computer suddenly think I am two time zones east of here?

I kind of know the answer, because I went to settings and found out if I set the computer to my time zone it’s correct, but if I use the default options of either use my IP address or my wifi to set the clock, those both think I am two time zones east. so why did they, is my question.

but that wouldn’t fit in the title. :o

How old is your computer? When did this start?

I think this indicates that the ISP or your employer (depending on whether this is a personal or corporate computer) has its Internet connection two times zones east. I think you’d also find that Google News, for example, will show you news from two time zones east.

Are you certain you aren’t 2 time zones east of where you think you are? VPN?

It may only be metaphorical but judging by its frequency I tend to believe it is more than that, and this is the reason why I want to point out the use of the verb ‘think’ when referring to the way a data processing machine functions is at least confusing because, for instance, if I find out my neighbor thinks it is 10am when the current time at our location is actually 8am I can wonder about what he really knows or how he got the wrong impression, which is nonsensical in the case of a computer - a computer does not know the data it stores or/and processes, and gets not impression about it or based on it.

2 years old and I’m not sure, only noticed it this morning. used to be accurate I’m sure.

Dewey Finn, that’s what I said - the ISP or the wifi is suddenly 2 time zones east. but why?

UY Scuti - it is totally a metaphor - I don’t think my computer thinks.

I don’t mind the mystery so much but I wish it was more interesting. really dull question, isn’t it. :rolleyes: but I woke up, I got online, I noticed and I wanted to take my new avatar out for a test flight.

The ISP may have changed the data center that provides your connection.