Why does my shoulder/collarbone hurt when I get tired/cold?

Since this is technically a medical question I’m putting it in IMHO, but I’m not asking for medical advice. I’ve had this all my life, when I ask doctors they shrug and tell me to not worry about it. It’s so mildly annoying that even if I could fix it I probably wouldn’t. Basically, I’m just curious why it happens to me, I’m not asking for advice of any sort.

So what happens is that ever since I can remember, when I get out of breath from bike riding, running, whatever, my shoulder (well, on the front, it’s kind of the part where the collar bone and the shoulder area meet) starts to really hurt. But that’s not all! For some reason, when I get really “internally cold” (e.g. drink a slushie or eat ice cream too fast), that spot will also start hurting. I can’t even fathom what could cause it, but it’s been regular throughout my entire life and I’m really curious as to what it is.

Any ideas?

I have no clue, but it happens to me too. Not often enough or painful enough to ever even remember mentioning it to my doctor, but it is weird.