Why does my voice get crackly when I'm tired?

Due to a problem at work I had to come into the office yesterday and I wound up having to stay pretty late. After reaching a work-around, I went home, got a few hours of sleep and had to get up at five to come in to fix the problem. When I talk right now, I sound like Angie Harmon after she’s smoked a couple of packs of ciggies and washed them down with a gravel smoothie.

I’ve heard other people have crackly voices when they’re tired, too. What gives?

Well if you’ve been up and doing things for a long time it’s also likely that you’ll have been using your voice for a longer period than usual. That’s just a guess obviously. I’ll add that I often get thirsty when I’m tired - maybe there’s a link, you’ve been so busy that you haven’t stopped to have a drink & lubricate your throat?