Why does my wireless card shut off my router?

Okay, I really think I have a new problem here.

I just set up a home wireless network using a linksys router, with my laptop using a INEXQ USB network adapter, and everything is working great. But here’s the problem:

I have a INEXQ cardbus adapter that I want to use in my laptop instead of the usb one. But when I enable it the router stops responding. I had a continuous ping going to the router and it was working fine, right up until I’d enable the adapter then it would fail to respond. If I unplug the router, disable the adapter, the router will respond again when plugged back in. The only thing that causes the router to stop is when I enable the adapter.

Any thoughts? Any information missing?

do you have another laptop you can beg/borrow/steal to try that cardbus card in? This way we can determine if it’s either the card (and/or the card’s drivers) or the laptop (ie, Windows is being its usual wacky self). My feeling is that there’s something wrong with the drivers causing malformed packets to be sent out that are crashing the router. I’m assuming you’ve tried to install the most recent drivers from their website? If not, that’s the first thing I would do if testing determines it’s a card/driver issue. If possible, I would also see if I could exchange the Cardbus card (if it’s not too late) for a new one of the same make and model