Why does my Yahoo Mail now suck?

The thing that bugged my parents (I moved on to Gmail back in 2004) was that they already had a newer version that didn’t have nearly all of these problems. Why didn’t they build on that, rather than creating a new system? And my mom really liked the old new version, and is a bit upset that she now has to use the old version.

Also, kudos to whoever found that link. I “fixed” yahoo by disabling JavaScript before going there and making the old style the default.

I pay for AT&T U-Verse. I get the Yahoo Mail interface.

I’d switch, even with the pain of changing after 12 years or so with my personal e-mail address from the Bellsouth days, but I like the preview pane. I haven’t found a good free e-mail service that gives me that.

It may have something to do with the financial condition Yahoo is in. It’s possible they’ve been laying off support staff. I’ve noticed that their financial message board monitoring efforts have become almost nil over the last several months as well.

I got so sick of the Yahoo interface I decided to just use MS Outlook as the interface - except Yahoo doesn’t support IMAP unless you pay for a premium account :mad:

Hotmail supports IMAP, so does GMail.
Fuck Yahoo - I’m done with those assholes.