Anybody know wth is up with yahoo!mail?

Yahoo!mail is refusing to let me reply or forward any mail. Anybody know what’s up? I’ve tried googling, but that seems to only reveal that other people had this problem in 2009.

There’s no error message, just a blank white space where the email template ought to be.

I’m of no use, except to tell you that I’m experiencing the same problem. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Tried all the usual stuff? Clearing cookies, etc.?

If so, there’s always this.

Just a datapoint, but my account is working fine.

So is mine. I hope yours gets fixed and it’s not something that is spreading.

Yahoo mail seems to have serious issues on a regular basis.

I find it utterly amazing that they’re so incompetent in running a mail operation.

yahoo runs a number of mail servers. your browser has to be working well. lots of chances for something to occasionally go wrong. a reboot often helps.

No problems here. Haven’t had any that I can recall since 2006.

I am having the same problem as the OP right now. Makes me want to go beat a Yahoo over the head.

OK it’s back.

Mine also.

In another thread, someone posted this URL to start Yahoo Mail in an older mode. It works for me.

I also operate in Basic Mode. (When I accidentally get to Standard Mode I just want to click Basic Mode, but Standard Mode with my not-always-fast Internet connection so unresponsive I have trouble just doing that! :dubious: )

Still not working. I’ve cleared cookies, rebooted and cussed a lot. I’ll try septimus’s link next.

I’ve reported problems to yahoo’s help before, but since it’s a free service they don’t have a lot of motivation to help users.

Yeah, I noticed that a long time ago. That’s at least one place where Yahoo is superior–it will remember which mode you picked.

And I second the suggestion of trying that mode. My parents have been using it ever since the latest change, and they haven’t had any problems.