Why Does Pat Buchanan Keeping Running For President?

As talk swirls about yet another Buchanan stab at the presidency, I once again find myself wondering why?

A narcissist desperate for renewed national media exposure? An ideologue hoping for lightning to strike? A true believer bent on restoring order to chaos? A pugnacious infighter who loves a good battle?

I’ve seen all of these ideas floated, but my own hunch is that he does it to keep himself visible and thus be able to command sizeable speaking fees. (From whom, I’m not sure.) That, and a burning desire to remain in the limelight. Perhaps Kissinger was right–power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Your thoughts?

For a minute I’m going to ignore that I don’t really care for Buchanan’s politics.

A third party candidate almost never expects to win. But by running he or she can sometimes bring certain issues into popular thought. For example Ross Perot forced the two big parties into coming up with a balanced budget plan.


He’s looking for media exposure but he isn’t a narcissist. He’s a businessman. The more he stays in the public eye, the more TV jobs and speaking engagement he gets.

Have you met his wife?!! If I were him, I’d do anything to get out of the house, too.

[sub]kidding, kidding[/sub]

All of the above, besides Sua’s (and even that, who knows?). But I also think many such people believe deep down that the vast majority of people silently agree with you, or at least would if only …So I think some of the third party candidates (especially the Tier 1 third party candidates) have some hope that they will succede in overcoming the obstacles and bringing their message to the people.

There must be a story here, Sua. How did you happen to “meet” his wife?

Based on looks alone, I’d say they were a good match.

My theory is that Buchanan is running not to win but is sacrificing his respectability year after year in order to make the Republicans look slightly less nutty. It really is an amazing feat of altruism.

HEY! I could be altruistic for 1 million /year.