Why does "the cheese stand alone"?

Remember the “Farmer in the Dell” song? It ends with the line “the cheese stands alone”.

Can anybody tell me what that means? What is the derivation?

I’m going back to the pool now, that’s why I can’t research it myself. I’ve one vacation day left, and I don’t intend to spend much of it online.


It’s stinky cheese?

It’s a good Stilton, aged to perfection.

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Perhaps it’s really good quality cheese and needs no accompaniment. Or perhaps it just stands alone…waiting for the right wine to come along.

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Had a great time with you.

We forgot to discuss Pratchett, tho! Now there must be a next time!

We also have to consider that the cheese may have been moved there.

The question is … WHO moved it?

Because Frank Miller is coming in on the noon train.

Why does the cheese stand alone?

  1. Because that’s just its whey.

  2. Because “The Farmer in the Dell” is not just a song but a dance. At the beginning, one child, the “farmer,” stands in the center of a circle, and the other children sing and dance around him/her. On the first verse, s/he choses a spouse, and that child leaves the circle to join the farmer at the center. The spouse takes a child on the next verse; on the next the child picks a nurse; shortly after that it’s a barnyard menagerie that lasts long enough to pack the rest of the kids into the center, with the proviso that the last four characters “taken” are the dog, cat, rat, and cheese. The cheese, having no one left to “take,” stands alone, and gets to be the farmer on the next go-round.

[Cheese] I like chocolate milk! [/Cheese]

Because cheese is a wedge of spite?

Because it sits… And waits… And… Plans.

Soon, my pretties, soon… You will behold the TRUE power of cheese!

When they play this at the really smart kids’ preschool, the cheese takes ambient bacteria from the atmosphere.

Because according to phrase finder you damn Yankees corrupted it.

Even Venezuelan Beaver Cheese enjoys solitude now and then.

And don’t get me started on Operation The Cheese Stands Alone, the secret government program to give away cheese to the needy…

When I was a kid there was a lively argument over whether the cheese stands alone or the cheese picks the ketchup and the ketchup stands alone. I like cheese, and I like ketchup, but I don’t want any intermingling of the two.

It’s Stinking Bishop and the song is a historical instance of Catholic-bashing?

Are we assuming that it’s a problem for the cheese to stand alone? Perhaps the cheese prefers to be unpartnered.

It’s waiting for someone to take it to sickbay.

From fear that someone might cut it.