Why does the “SD” icon disappear when I’m looking at the list of open tabs on my iPhone?

You know how on an iPhone if you click on the little page icon at the bottom right corner, you get a display of all open tabs? And the SDMB has the little “SD” in gold and blue on the left corner of each tabbed page?

Except it doesn’t, not always. I’ve got three SD tabs open now. Two show the “SD” but one shows the icon for the Wikipedia Foundation?!?

How come? (Doesn’t affect functionality in any way, near as I can tell, but it’s puzzling.)

Have also seen it occasionally on my Chromebook, now that I think of it.

Which browser are you using? I’m using Safari and I see it. I cannot recreate your situation…

Same here, and yes Safari on iPhone. I see the SD favicon in my tabs when looking at my tabs.

Testing to see if a Wikipedia link in the post somehow affects it

ETA: Nope

It doesn’t happen all the time; just every now and then. I’m using Safari on my iPhone.

It’s obviously a hiccup of some sort where the site icon isn’t updated. Did you visit a wikipedia-link in SD on that tab and then use the back button to go back to SD? I don’t have any apple devices, so I can’t test that out.

I can’t reproduce it either.

It’s happened several times, in both iPhone and chrome book. It’s always a different site that I’ve browsed recently. The icon is that of the other site, but the banner is the name of the thread from the SDMB that I was browsing.

Maybe @codinghorror can elaborate?

Did you maybe follow a link from a thread to the other site whose icon you see?

One thing I notice sometimes is that I will have the title of a thread listed, but tapping will go to the front page of the SDMB. This happens sometimes when I’ve viewed that thread, but then gone back to the front page.

Granted, this is on Android, so it might be unrelated.

If you have specific steps that can reproduce the problem consistently, that’s the first step to getting it resolved.

Nope, it just pops up from time to time, on both my iPhone and occasionally on my Chromebook. It’s always an icon for a site I recognize, so I must have been on it, but I’ve never figured out a pattern to it.

Now, one of my tabs for the straight dope has a bright blue square that I don’t recognise at all.

If a thread gets new posts while in an open tab the appearance changes slightly on my iPhone 11…