Why does todays music suck?

I hate todays music. I don’t like the new country and the what is passing for rock & roll. Does this happen to everyone when they turn 30?

I must of stumped the straight dope crowd.

:goes back to listening to George Jones:

Yes. You must also start buying trousers with higher waistbands, using grecian 2000, and voting republican.

now you’ve turned 30 you are officially old, and all todays music sucks.


I really don’t feel like celebrating though. :frowning:

It’s very interesting:

I grew up with older parents (old enough to be my grandparents, actually…)

When I was a teenager it was a mystery to me why they didn’t like my music and insisted on listening to that crappy big band stuff…

Now that I’m over 40 (gasp - what the hell is HE doing here?) I find today’s music to be incomprehensible as well as unlistenable - and this from the teenager who once swore to himself the following oath:

*I will never lose track of the Top 40 - and I will always know what songs are on the charts and enjoy the newest music! *

Damn, I’m getting old! Someone please make an emoticon with grey hair and missing teeth to represent the aging segment of our population! :smiley:

Most of todays music is just a replication of music from the last 25 years. the Strokes are just a bad immitation of the VU, There’s no female vocalist out there to match any of the voices from motown, and cheesy pop music was always cheesy pop music.

music dosent change. its just someone else playing it.

*sinks into the background singing The Hives

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every one
May you stay
Forever young

Today’s top 40 stuff sucks. Heck, top 40 stuff has, for the most part, sucked forever.

But there is amazing, incredible music out there. It’s just tough to hear, because radio specializes in feeding the listening public repetitive, derivative crap. Don’t blame music for radio’s sins.

Get some internet radio going. Hit spinner.com and download the player; the channels aren’t great, but some are pretty decent, and they’re light-years ahead of what you’ll hear on the radio. Then check out some stations broadcasting mp3’s, like at shoutcast.com.

Radio has probably just become too juvenile for your developing tastes. Now the question is, are you willing to put the work and research into finding new music that doesn’t suck, and that suits your tastes?

In a world that’s producing stuff like Rufus Wainwright, Bright Eyes, Vermont, Ida, Rilo Kiley, The Clientele, Josh Rouse, Clem Snide, Wheat, Lullabye for the Working Class, and For Stars you’re complaining about what’s on the radio? That’s like sitting in a McDonald’s in downtown Chicago, and complaining that all the food in this city sucks.

Get out there, do some research, find some new music, and regain your faith in humanity. This is a musical golden age, and you’re missing out.

MrVisible, you are my hero.

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i prefer 80’s music i was born 1966 lol

I think it is partly because they make stars out of Young people who look and dance well, but only have about a four note range vocally. They write music that they are able to perform.

Today’s music???

What about today’s snack foods??!!

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Wait, what was the question?

flup, but not too much

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LMAO good rant Flup!!!


Oh yeah, I remember.

Smashing Pumpkins are a good band. By an inexplicable cioncidence, some of there best stuff does happen to be the stuff they play on the radio. But I have about 300 other songs by them, and that is indeed not all there is.

The rest of today’s music sucks.

flup is the greatest flup I’ve ever known

PS sorry I referred to myself as a costumer in the last post. I’m less that than a customer. I’m also drunk. You’d never guess.

I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

i dont really think the smashing pumpkins are really TODAYS music, since they broke up about a year ago, but im sure there is still some good america/british/wherever music floating around.
here in autralia we have a youth radio staion called triplej http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/triplej.htm (you can listen online) it playes a really diverse range of music and some australian stuff that you might not have heard of. they have sometimes bad music but i suppose that all depends on what you perceive to be ‘good’.

      • This is a frequent discussion topic where I work, because we have a few 20-ish rocker-wannabees.
  • The older-than-about-25 people say that almost all MTV-pop music sucks; it’s appeal is based only on a new sound or rhythm, and only in that it’s new. If you ask somebody what MTV was playing three years ago, they usually don’t know. Except for a few monster groups like U-2, nobody remembers all those examples of Greatness, flipping burgers somewhere today.
  • This is why most performers bomb after only a couple albums: they spend years developing their sound, Hollywood finds them and cuts a lousy record-or-two deal, some CD’s get sold and the record company keeps most of the money, the group’s “sound” gets boring to concerned youngsters after a while, and everyone else moves on except the band, because they don’t have any other sound. Notice that I never said the musicians concerned were very talented, because usually they’re not. Even with no previous experience on their instrument, with just a few weeks of dedicated practice, you can learn to play just about any riff they play.
  • The only modern performers with staying power in pop music are those that can constantly find new sounds. Madonna is one example, but she hasn’t done it alone; she hires very talented people to help. She also doesn’t play any instrument, and so she’s not attached to any one instrument, and it’s no big deal to use or lose any instrument from one album to the next, and that makes it easier to use new sounds. - DougC

Whew! I thought I was old for awhile, thank god you’ve proved me wrong!

There are TONS of good groups out there, and yes, most of them are popular. Kudos to MrVisible, but the creative side of MTV and its culture still exists. Sure, throw out the boy-bands and the soft-core rapper wannabes, they have sucked for years. But remember what the last few years have brought us: Moby, Jamiroquai, Chemical Brothers, M. Manson, Limp Bizkit, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Wheatus, Radio Head, Korn, {insert more, harder stuff here}. I’d even give it up for J’lo, Destiny’s Child, Robbie Williams, Anastacia and a few others on the top 40 these days.

I mean, sure, there are some definitely great things to say about the older bands, but hey, there were PLENTY of sucky one-hit wonders in any period of time that you could name. Even ones that you had a great time dancing to (anyone remember Lou Bega? I got game from his songs, and he sucked BIG time…)

Truthfully, the more I listen to the “80’s hit-parade” or go to a revival night dance club, the more I appreciate modern music. I am really starting to dislike many songs I used to love because they are so damned cheesy! And 10 years ago a ‘revolution’ went on where Nirvana slice’n’diced the rock world, but then took the easy way out. Unfortunately the legacy of that time still lives on with Boyz II Men taking top spot for 3 friggin years soon after (1993, 1994, 1996)! And puh-leeze explain to me why in the f**k Celine Dion, The Notorious B.I.G, Jewel and the Spice Girls were so popular 5 years ago? (check out the 5-year rewind on www.billboard.com)

Your taste has nothing to do with what new artists are coming up with today. (re-read that sentence and tell me if it looks as incomprehensible as I think it does now that I re-read it) Music is expanding into newer areas all the time, and even resurrecting old themes and throwing a new spin on them. You will always be able to find a new artist doing something that you like, just stop relying on the spoon-fed radio stations. And yes, you’ll find them on MTV too, ya lazy butt. Just watch it later in the evenings when the cool shows come on.

-Tcat, 32 in 6 weeks and can’t wait for the club scene to pick up again this summer.

I blame drugs.

Obviously, today’s drugs are inferior to those used in the 60s and 70s.

I don’t think there’s an age requirement. I’m only 21 and I hate today’s music, well today’s mainstream music anyway. However, there is a lot of underground/ indie music out there that is really phenomenal (check out www.cmj.com, www.epitonic.com, and www.spinemagazine.com). If you tell me some of you’re favorite artists I might be able to make some reccommendations. Plus, things are looking a lot better than only a few years ago when Nsync was on top of the world; at least today’s crappy musicians can play instruments and write some of their own music. And, who’s says you can’t keep listening to the old tunes – The Beatles are still the greatest rock and roll band in my book.