Why doesn't anyone sign my guestbook?

I have a web page that gets a modest amount of hits, not a lot, but some. I haven’t had anyone sign my guestbook since over a year ago. I have checked it, and I know that it still works.

Are guest books passe now? Did I totally miss something? Or am I just dork for wanting to see who has seen my page?

I just tried to sign your guestbook and got an error message from Yahoo! Geocities.

Me, too. Oh, and no one signs my guestbook, either. Not even my friends. I feel so unloved. :frowning:

Aack! You’re right! It was working a few days ago. What happened? I guess it is back to good old trouble shooting. Thanks for trying though :slight_smile: I appreciate the gesture

I don’t sign guestbooks anymore after I traced a bunch of spam back to one I had signed. I suppose I don’t have to leave my email, but it still made me mad. :mad: That’s why I have never put a guestbook up on my site, I figure if people like it or want to comment on it, they can email me…and a lot of people do.

Hmmmmf. No one ever comments on my site. I know it is a stupid one, but my friends could at least tell me what it needs or doesn’t need. Hmmf.

I just tried to sign your guestbook and I couldn’t even get your page to load. I am sorry :frowning:

Hmmm…that’s strange. Could someone else try it? I haven’t had problems before.

It might just be my computer. Sometimes it randomly decides not to let me load pages. I will try again tommorrow :slight_smile:

Ill go and sign your guestbook, but you have to promise not to forge my signature.

I don’t want to end up with a garage full of Amway products.

Funny, Slip. Don’t worry though. With me it’s only Placebo or Disney merch. :stuck_out_tongue:

’gwenda,[sub]Is it okay if I call you that?[/sub] I hope that you can load the site. If not then I don’t know what is wrong with it. Just tell me if you can or not.

I’d like an answer to this question: Is it possible to trace the signer of a guestbook? If, say, you want to write something a little disparaging and have no intention of including your e-mail how easy is it for your anonymity to be blown? I have wanted to know that for ages. Thank you to anyone who answers.

Ahem. I have signed your guestbook.

maybe if you slip me a twenty I’ll sign your guestbook.

I just tried too because I really need twenty bucks. Unfortunately I also received an error message.

If there is, I don’t know it. Of course I am a dummy with these things, so don’t trust my answer.

Thank you, Superdude. You get a big kiss. :mmmmwah: Okay, so does Pipeliner. :mwah: Don’t want to make anyone feel left out. :wink:

It hit a lot of sites on the net and I rarely will sign a guest book because usually I’m just not interested in doing so. Not to sound crass, but it’s often just not worth the trouble, especially if the net is slow or if Aol is acting up, like it often does.

heraldgwena, I had the same problem with your guest book.

dlgirl, I signed yours, but can’t get to anything else on your page. Nice picture, though. :slight_smile:

Me too.

dlgirl I signed your guestbook too, but it said mine was the only one there. It should have been the second at least.