Why doesn't christians hate pizza store owners for the fact they killed Jesus?

Blessed are the cheese makers. Obviously because he forgave them, of course.

But really. For the last long stretch of history, jews have been hated. Why, because they killed Jesus. The proof is a story in a book revised by a government, to eliminate roman guilt in this crime, assuming it ever happened. Most modern people today don’t blame the jews for killing jesus, but I never see them blaming the descendants of the romans, the italians. Why is that? That is, beside the fact that one group can not be held accountable for the actions of a few of it’s members 2000+ years ago, since that hasn’t stopped anti-semitism.

Please note that this is not to be taken seriously. I just felt curious, and wanted to hear other peoples opinions. I am neither a christian, or an antisemite.

Are you Italian?

I think you covered much of it yourself. The NT is written - and the relevant revising was done, as I understand it, by the Christians, not “a government” - in such a way that it blames the Jews. Perhaps because they were a small group, easy to scapegoat, and because it would have been bad for many reasons to make the Romans angry by blaming them for killing Jesus.

You have to understand is that when Jesus blessed the cheese makers, it obviously wasn’t meant to be taken literally. He meant to bless any manufacturers of dairy products.

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Actually I’m a bit surprised by the lack of responses to this thread. I imagine Scott_plaid was expecting some sort of Spanish Inquisition.

I see two reasons that the Jews get the blame and not Italians

  1. I am not really a big reader of the bible but my recollection of the story is that The Jews were the ones that brought charges and demanded that the Romans do something about it. If the Jews didn’t complain the Romans were not going to meddle.

  2. The Romans are not around any more as a culture. The Jews are around as a culture.

The bible really goes out of its way to clear the Romans of blame. Pilate washes his hands, tries to free Jesus instead of Barnabas, basically tells the jews they’re nuts, and finally caves to pressure. This might be because the gospel writers didn’t want to piss off the Romans as they were both the most powerful gov’t at the time and also a good source of converts.

(waiting impatiently for the obligatory “Whenever I hear somebody say he isn’t anti-semitic I know he’s anti-semitic” post. :wink:

A good source of cheese, too. Have you had kosher cheese? :smiley:

Ultimately, your question comes down to, who to blame for the cruxifiction of Jesus? And I think the answer rests squarely with (the J/C/I) God. Yes, humanity did disobey Him back and partook of the forbidden fruit. But couldn’t God have said, "Ah, that’s alright, you’re a new creatation and that Satan fellow can be very deceiving. Next time, if that ole Satan talks to you, come see Me! "

Instead, God requires a sacrafice, a BLOOD sacrifice! He’s the one who made the requirements for this, so blame Him!

Hah! Ever been to Tov pizza in Baltimore. It’s crap. Does that give you any hints about me?

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I love how Tov Pizza has some kind of cult following among Orthodox/Chasidic Jews in Baltimore. I can almost tell you the shul someone goes to by their bumper stickers* and the type of car they drive.
*There’s an inordinate number of Orthodox Jews around here who have an “I love Tov Pizza” bumper sticker on their car.


We Italians don’t get the blame because we paid off the right mugs, and the Roman cops were in our pocket. Besides, it was nothing personal, just business. Fagetaboutit :wink:

Do you expect the romans to have blamed theselves?

Seriously, the gospels clearly place the blame at the feet of the Jews. And not only the Jews living at this time but also their descendants ( the crowd shouting “his blood be on us and on our children”).

The fact that this is now convieniently interpreted away since it’s not fashionable anymore to blame the Jews nonwithstanding.

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Man, I just wanted him to give me some pizza because the thread made me hungry. :slight_smile:

clairobscur and Freyr , I hope you are not taking this seriously.

jeffh3000 please do not sacrifice a anchovy pizza unto the lord. Just a plain. S/he/it can add whatever igredience are prefered after the fact. I wouldn’t want him to do some sort of retroactive addition to the original sin nonsense.

Yeah! And nobody done nuttin’ to Jesus. He done it hisself. He, uh, fell down da stairs. Probably was drunk. Now, I didn’t see it but I hear he and his boys was whoopin’ it up da night before, eatin’ bread and drinkin’ a lotta wine.

I was 100% serious.

I couldn’t tell concerning ** Freyr ** , but if god didn’t require a blood sacrifice, then why had Jesus to die for sins to be forgiven? God could have decided instead that a huge party with a lot of beer was required, or just snapped his divine fingers…

Can you explain to me why his son sacrifice was necessary, exactly?

Sorry, I guess I read through it too fast.

I suppose one possible reason for this could be that there is no modern group that ethnically and culturally identifies itself as Roman, whereas there are groups that ethnically and culturally identify themselves as Jewish.

Meh. Dunno.