Why doesn't my lantana bloom? (Arizona)

Nothing. Feed it, water it, love it, curse at it. And this stuff is like weeds here. The one in the corner of the yard, which I neglect pitifully, is gorgeous.

The bad ones are in the front of the house, western exposure. We had a couple of pretty serious (for Arizona) freezes this year, but I cleaned them up months ago. I wanted them for ground cover around a Chinese Elm, and my BF thinks it’s too much shade. But the neglected one in the corner, has filtered afternoon shade from a huge Palo Verde about 10’ from it.

Any ideas?

Too much water. IMO. Of course I don’t know just where you live, but one of my friends in Phx had the same problem. Lantana thrives on neglect, so you might be overwatering them because of the trees.

Because of the freezes, many of our plants had a rough year. They are improving over time, but it is slow.