Why have I *just* discovered this?!

Oooh, ooh, question!!

I recently got one of them Microsoft wireless desktops. Kicks ass, no wires, all optical, sleek styling. BUT. The function keys no longer seem to work! I used to F5 my way across the internet, and now I have to reach for the refresh button on the browser. It also means decreased possibilities in some games.

How can I get the function keys on my Microsoft wireless desktop to work properly again?

Oh, I tried the MS support site, but it’s useless, not surprisingly.

Every version of Opera I’ve used adds “www.” and “.com” automatically, without hitting Ctrl+Enter.

If it isn’t working for you, go to File>Preferences select Network from the panel on the left and hit the Server Name Completion button and make sure the relevent checkboxes are ticked.

Hm. Well, I don’t know too much about 'pooters so it isn’t surprising I didn’t know about this, but it seems to take big leaps. I usually just hold the down arrow so I can actually see what’s going by.

Also, I use Ctrl + i, u, b, a … a lot, but I can’t remember the Ctrl command that opens the font window on Word.

Any help?

I’ve always just used the page down key…

This would not be a good idea. Lord knows how many techno-newbies out there would think that pressing this key will open that handy little coffee cup holder that comes with most computers. It’s bad enough that so many of them can’t find the ANY key.

I never knew about the space bar scrolling on web browsers. As I often use keyboard shortcuts anyway, this will certainly come in handy for me.

Thank you soooo much everyone! I can actually use this.

Here’s some spacebar magic in most Usenet newsreaders.

When reading a post and scrolling with the spacebar, when you reach the end of the post, pressing spacebar again brings up the next unread post.

I don’t know a Ctrl command to open the font display in Word but you can use ALT - o - f. That opens it.

You could try uninstalling the specialist drivers/apps that came with your wireless desktop. then windows will see it as a standard keyboard and might give you your function keys back. Trouble is you may lose the functionality of the special web and multimedia buttons.
My wireless ‘desktop’ (it is actually a wireless lap and futon. my keyboard has never touched a desktop) is a logitech one. I haven’t bothered to install the software for it on my new windows xp installation. all the special keys work fine.

I used to know some real good ones, like how to move non maximized windows around the screen and such.

Actually, Lobsang, XP recognised it as a Microsoft Wireless Desktop straightaway. It would only let me install from the CD, or download the drivers.

Well, color me impressed!! Usually when computer geniuses are talking about how to do stuff, you practically need a degree in programming C++ in order to access. These tips are neato! I’m saving [bold]this[/bold] page.

Ctrl + w will close the current window in IE instead of having to reach all the way up to f4. :wink:

Shift-spacebar does not work in Netscape 7. I’m sitting here trying it over and over.

Coldfire, from this site talking about the MS Wireless Desktop…

Worth trying?

One windows shortcut I have always found useful is “Windows key + D”. This minimizes all open windows and returns you to the desktop. It is useful when you (or more usually a user I’m helping)have a million windows open or a bazillion popups open themselves automatically.