Why haven't they done this yet [product suggestions].

I just wish that a manufacturer of disposable razors would have 20 or so small plastic webs on the side of the handle that one can nick out a web with your finger nail after each use so that you know how many shaves you have had with that razor.

Why does not a toothpaste manufacturer put zip locks internally in the plastic tube so that as the contents are used up and the paste is squeezed towards the top, you can clip a zip lock closed so that the paste does not squeeze back down to the base of the tube

Why has not a soap manufacturer placed a small polystyrene insert, the size of the piece of soap that is normally discarded, inside a bar of soap so that only a small piece of polystyrene is discarded when the bar is finished. This insert could also be used for competition prizes as one would have to use up the bar to see if you have won or not. One other property of the soap bar would be that in a bath, you would not spend minutes looking for the soap bar as it would float to the surface.

Those are all patentable ideas.
You should patent them and make oodles of money.

They have done this in another way, by putting a lubrication strip just under the blade. In theory, you can track the blade’s mileage by looking at the strip.

This is serious over-engineering and it would increase the cost of the product, driving customers to cheaper brands. It’s easier to fold the end up and use a binder clip to keep it from unfolding.

Because that would increase the cost of the soap while decreasing its volume, which is a good way to piss-off consumers. Besides, I don’t throw that little sliver away. I mash it into the new bar.

I’m in my mid 40s so I haven’t taken a bath in about 25 years or so, but my recollection is that bars of soap already float.

Ivory soap floats.
ducks and runs
Seriously tho - all of those sound like interesting and marketable ideas. Too bad that some internet troll has probably snitched them off the boards already. If you’re feeling lucky, go talk to a patent officer at the US Patent and Trademark Office Website.

I keep a black sharpie in my medicine cabinet. Every time I shave I make a mark on the blade package. After 15 marks I replace the blade and begin new marks on the slot I got the new blade from.

they’d rather you lost track and buy more razors… same deal with the toothpaste

I have no idea what it’s called or where to find it, but I know I’ve seen a little plastic gadget that you slide up over the bottom of the toothpaste tube and not only does it help you squeeze out every last glob, I’m pretty sure it won’t slide backwards somehow. Maybe another Doper can help with what this thingamajig is called.

Buy Ivory.

This. I work in the exciting field of toothpaste manufacture, and it’s a cheap product that is manufactured, and the tubes filled, at high speed. To alter the packaging in the way the OP suggest would require investment in new machinery, reduction in production speed, an increase in the amount of quality control testing to ensure the ziplocs work, and probably an increase in the failure rate of tubes. All of which would significantly increase the cost, and unless there’s demand for this style of tubes at a much higher price to standard tubes, it’s not going to happen.

Razor blades: Why would you need to count? I use a blade until the first hint that I’m not getting the best possible shave and then change it.

Toothpaste: I squeeze the paste from the end towards the opening and never have the problem you describe. I suppose that would only happen if you squeeze in the middle.

Soap: I have never thrown away a piece of soap. I graft it onto the next bar. Your idea reminds me of an old joke: Why don’t they make soap hollow so you don’t have that little bit left at the end?

No. You have to continue using it until all the little plastic web things are knocked out. Sorry.

I lack of ability to discriminate a perfect from a near perfect shave. I’ve used a blade 20 times and been as happy with shave 20 as I was with the first use. If I use a blade 15 times it just seems like good enough economy without sacrificing quality.

20 shaves with a disposable? Really?
I buy the bonus pack of Bic sensitive at the dollar store (10+2). Including tax that’s about 9 cents a razor. For cheap disposables they work well. I keep them in a drawer in our guest room closet. If I have no razor in my bathroom medicine cabinet, I get one from the drawer. If there is a razor in there, it means I used it once already and after I use it this time I throw it away.

That’s right, I only use them twice. That equals 4.5 cents per shave. And seeing I only shave every other day on average, it’s about 15 cents a week. And I always have a sharp razor to shave with. I’m not fooling around with keeping a journal about how long I’ve kept a stupid razor.

FYI, my dad had one of those old time safety razors where you put a two sided single blade in it. On the top of the handle there was a knob with numbers that clicked around the handle to the number 10. That may have appealed to the OP.
But those blades my old man used are still only like a nickle (and they’re double sided). I’d be damned if I’d use one 10 times.:rolleyes:

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Curiously enough, the useful life of a razor blade depends more upon the amount of corrosion that occurs between uses rather than the actual mechanical abrasion from cutting your facial hair. The simple use of an alcohol immersion between uses can extend a razor’s lifespan much longer than you would suspect.

IMHO, the problem with the razor thing is that no matter how many ‘things’ you put on the side of the razor, people who get more uses then that will think you’re trying to rip them off by tricking them into throwing it away earlier then necessary and people that get less uses out of it will think it’s a crappy razor. Remember, if you give the same razor to 10 guys, they’ll all be able to use it a different amount of times before they feel it’s time to switch to a new one. For some, that’ll be 4 or 5 uses, for others it might be 15 uses.

We’ve got one. I’m not sure it has a name. Something like this?

You should take care walking around with your nose up in the air like that. You could trip over a glass table and end up writhing and moaning on the floor.

Toothpaste tube winders have definitely been invented already, although I’ve never seen toothpaste that came with the winder included.

I read somewhere that Gillette designed the lubrication strip so that it it wears out faster than the blade gets dull, because the steel in the blade was good enough that the cartridges last far longer than they would like.