Why hold out on us regarding trilogies?

I’m a sucker for trilogies. Whether its old classics like Star Wars, Alien, Back to the Future, or more recent trilogies like Bourne identity, Matrix, or Lord of the Rings, if I see one, I generally really want to see the second and third (no matter how :rolleyes: they turn out) .

I know in the case of the Lord of the Rings and maybe a few other trilogies they made them all back-to-back. They knew they had a good enough thing to commit to making three films. While I swear I saw teasers in the LotR films, I noticed that in many trilogues they DONT show teasers- For example the Hunger Games seemed like it was popular enough to have the whole trilogy done back to back, but after seeing Catching Fire I was surprised to see a lack of Mockingjay teasers yet. Similarly, after Desolation of Smaug I haven’t seen any teasers for the third installment.

Maybe its redundant, but I think it would be a great way to build up buzz for them to have a teaser or something following the release of ‘part 1’ or ‘part 2’ of a trilogy to get people looking forward to seeing the next installment.

What do you mean you saw teasers **in **the LOTR films? Do you mean you saw the film, and then before the lights came up there was a teaser for the next installment? I didn’t see any such thing.

I suspect the OP is referring to “teasers” like seeing a glimpse of Gollum following the Fellowship through Moria in Fellowship of the Ring.

As far as anything more full-blown than that, like showing a preview scene from the next movie…the way that Peter Jackson produced the LotR and Hobbit movies is a serious exception to the rule. It’s very rare that an entire set of movies is greenlit (and shot) all at once.

Part of building anticipation is making the release of each teaser feel special. Seeing it at the end of the movie doesn’t feel special. You could just do a cliffhanger.

I remember the LOTR movies releasing, say, a special trailer to be first shown at Comic Con with 30 seconds of never before seen footage from the next movie!

So perhaps they rarely show teasers because they think their promotion budget is better spent in different ways.

After Fellowship had been in theaters awhile, they did indeed end it with a trailer for Two Towers. It was actually four minutes long.

Here it is, by the way.