ROTK preview?

Some of you may rememeber that when FOTR was nearing the end of its theater run, Peter Jackson released a 4 minute preview of TTT to be included at the end of FOTR (i.e. not a trailer that was included in the pre-movie block). I was wondering if anyone had heard whether PJ intended to release this same sort of preview of ROTK towards the end of TTT theater run.

I’ve seen TTT three times in the theater already, and I figured I might see it one more time if there was going to be ROTK footage released. Has anyone heard any news?

No, but I’ve seen some ROTK stills that look awfully cool.

Did you check over at The have pretty much everything before any of the other sites. Or give the forums at a look.

I’m with you, Jadis, I’m going to wait until there’s an RotK trailer before I see it a third time. Yes, is a great place to get news and info about the movies. I also like this site, an incomprehensible Czech website. It seems to have very high-quailty clear images.

BTW any Czech speakers out there? What does “milosek hobbitek” mean?

I seem to remember the TTT trailer coming out in March, or maybe February. I will probably wait until the same time this year before I see the Two Towers a seventh time.

I don’t know that I’ll be seeing ROTK, I’ve heard some amazingly disappointing news about what they’ve done in it. This ROTK article goes into detail, but I’m just too shocked to say more.

If one more…person posts that stupid crap thinking they are the FIRST to do so…Good God. Grow the hell up. It’s been around for a week now…everyone has seen it.

ROTK forum on War of The Ring.

Empire Magazine text full of spoilers from ROTK.

This thread has links to a lot of images and page two of the thread has a link that is supposed to be to a download of clips from ROTK’s trailer. I haven’t played it yet so I can’t comment.

I don’t see any reason why Jackson wouldn’t do just that, actually… unless he’s developed a terrifying sadistic streak and honestly expects us to go without any juicy ROTK footage until mid-sommer when the teaser comes out. He knows how trembly we all are with anticipation.

I fully expect to have my panties rocked dirty by ROTK.

The TTT trailer attachment didn’t surface until at least March, and I don’t think I got to see it until early April. Heck, I don’t even recall rumours of such a thing until February.

What’s with the ellipse-fest, RikWriter? Now that you’re my role…model with your excellent…non-ironic advice, I want to emulate your…writing style and copy down the…“when RikWriter has seen a page…calendar” so I can do grown up…things like rant when someone posts a link after…you’ve seen it.

And it gets better every time I see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(seriously I always get the giggles at that pic, probably cause Boromir’s outfit was my favorite)

I looked up my thread from last year when I asked the same question about TTT trailer. The TTT trailer was released March 29, 2002, if that helps.

It showed the effects of me struggling mightily not to use profanity to describe you and your post.

Little sensitive, Rikwriter?

The link to the article in this thread was the first time I’ve seen it.

Yikes, next time I’ll skip the rest of my life so I can keep up with what you’ve seen and what you haven’t.

Sounds like you’re the sensitive one.

“If one more…person posts that stupid crap thinking they are the FIRST to do so…Good God. Grow the hell up. It’s been around for a week now…everyone has seen it.”

Rik - I’ll be the one to post that stupid crap again but it’s not because I think I’m the first to do so.

stupid crap

It’s because, like many other people, I haven’t seen it either and find it damn funny. I also think you comments are out of line.

So Rik… whatcha gonna do?

If you can’t… resist… the urge to… use profanity… you can head downstairs to the Pit where that language is acceptable. Mind you, I would really pick a better topic than “People who post links to funny stuff I’ve already seen piss me off”.

I really couldn’t care less what you would do. You haven’t shown much in the way of judgement in this thread.

I hadn’t seen that link yet, Riboflavin. Thanks for posting it!

Ow ow ow!

Back on the topic of the ROTK preview: March 28 ?!@#$(* Jeez, I forgot that it was even in theatres that long. Still, I’m happy if we get one at all. Guess I’ll indulge myself in a third viewing sooner than expected then.

Does anyone remember when that first TTT teaser trailer came out? Around mid-summer, non?

Add me to the “Haven’t seen that link before” pile. And Rik should stop his whining, or go to the Pit with it.