ROTK preview?

I apologize…I didn’t mean to get everyone worked up. I have just seen that Jaromir pic on so many different newsgroups, emails and message boards (even boards totally unrelated to entertainment) that I figured anyone who spent any time on the internet must have seen it. In fact, on most newsgroups dealing with movies, science fiction and Tolkien, people are posting this link to purposefully troll the groups. That’s why I was a bit exasperated.
I apologize to Riboflavin and anyone else that was offended. Except Feynn…I’m still pissed at him.

RikWriter -

If you read things again carefully I think you’ll see that my judgement is excellent.

Although you didn’t use any, I saw that you were “struggling mightily not to use profanity” and thought I would offer some directions should you fail in that struggle.

If you ever find yourself failing in that struggle the Pit is downstairs and to the right. It’s a great place when you just can’t resist the urge to say “the seven words you can’t say on television” (or here in the Cafe).

Now why are you still pissed at me? I was only trying to be helpful.

I should actually be happy… I’m finally on someone’s list.



This is Cafe Society, not BBQ Pit. Behave yourselves – no name calling, no snide comments about other posters are permitted. You want to do do that, go to the BBQ Pit forum and you can be (pretty much) as nasssssssty as you please.

I was talking to some friends of mine at work today about wanting to see TTT one more time in the theater, and I got to thinking about this thread. I hope no one minds me resurrecting, it…has anyone heard anything yet about whether there might be a ROTK preview added to the end of TTT anytime soon?

I know that pugluvr mentioned that the trailer for TTT was added to FOTR on March 29th last year, but it seems like they’ve already cut the viewing times fot TTT way back at my local theater and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to run. I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping for a ROTK preview, though.

Who’s got the scoop?

A poster at TORn says:

This isn’t a firm rumor, but usually the TORnadoes get the scoop before anyone else does. Here’s hoping! And here’s a link, with the trailer rumor about halfway down the page:


With TTT trailer FotR had all but left theaters and then post-Acadamy Awards they threw it into a few hundred more theaters with the trailer attached. I haven’t heard anything specific but I bet plans are similar this year.

Or perhaps not.


Erroneous, despite your username, you’re right. Here it is from the horse’s mouth.


At least we get 150+ FX shots in the extended DVD.

Note to whiney people: You have been warned! there will be a “special edition DVD”! If you do not want two DVDs, think carefuly before purchasing the theatrical version. There has been no official word as to when they will be released. I have heard June and August for the first one, haven’t heard anything other than November for the extended version.


I will warn again when the official anouncement is posted.

I’ve always heard there will be a preview, but it may be internet only this time(as opposed to the other one, which was only on the internet in "camcorder fashion).

I’ve heard it ends with:

it cutting to darkness and we hear Frodo say “I can’t do it! I can’t destroy the ring! It’s mine!” and then Sam says, “You must destroy the ring, Mr. Frodo!”

The it cuts to “Coming December 2003”[/spoiler]