Why I Am Getting Pissed Off At MSNBC

I have always liked MSNBC’s website for news.
However, of late it has gotten ridiculous with all kinds of bizarre ad placements that cause my screen to jump all over the place, disrupting scrolling and making reading an article almost impossible. They seem to be wanting to drop a huge video clip at the top of the page.
Add to that the obnoxious Pulse 360 pop up add that never fails to appear…well, it is making MSNBC almost unreadable.

Anyone else noticing the barrage of ad attacks from this site?

I went to msnbc.com and clicked a few stories, didn’t see any problems.

Try the Firefox browser with the Adblock Plus extension. Gets rid of 99% of the crap. And if you don’t like some recurring element of the page, you can often right-click on it and get Adblock to block it as well.

What c-z said. I only have problems with the site when I read it at work, where I am forced to use IE. On my home computer, with Firefox and Adblock Plus operating there is no problem with the site at all.

Thanks - I’ll try that.
I recently made some changes to my computer and perhaps I dropped a few things - like the Adblock features - so I will go back in to check.
Sometimes the easiest and most obvious of answers escape me…

What DMark said. I think I’ve clicked away from their site every time I’ve gone there for the past week or two, because the ads are so disruptive. I didn’t just change anything on my browser, and thought they must have made them more obnoxious.

Yeah, I just tried it again, on a different computer, and a huge car ad opens a few seconds after the site, scrolling the rest of the site down when I’m starting to read things, then rolling it back upwards in a few seconds. I think this is new behavior for them.