Why I hate people, volume LXII

My sister died recently after a very difficult and relatively brief encounter with cancer.

A friend of hers, who I do not know, posted a very appropriate and warm message about her death on social media. In it, he mentioned “the C-word”.

Someone else, whom I also do not know, replied to his post in a very Trumpian manner. Her post: “See, she got the “vaccine” and still died of Covid. When are people going to wake up?”

(yes, she put the word vaccine in quotation marks)

I have my own C-word for her.


That reminds me of when my mom was dying last year and I had to fly out west to visit her. I was getting a haircut and had mentioned the situation to the barber.
I happened to mention “…and she was fine two weeks ago when she went out with her sister to get her booster.”

That’s when the barber started spouting nonsense about what the vaccine does to us. He went on about how his dad passed away several months earlier, right after getting vaccinated, and started saying “So how do they know if someone gets vaccinated and dies a few weeks later?”
I did my best to explain to him how clinical trials work (they don’t stop when the drug is released) and how pharmacovigilance works, but he really just wanted to blame the vaccine for people’s deaths.

No, the vaccine didn’t do my mom in, a lifetime of cigarettes did. She had suddenly had a sharp decline, but that wasn’t from the vaccine.
That wasn’t the time or place for me to rant, and I wanted a decent haircut, so I let it go.

C-word indeed.

This is an time where I would throw tact out the window. I would ask the fuck nozzle, very publicly, if they understood that ‘c-word’ means cancer? I would then ask if they felt like they ‘scored some points’ for wrongly politicizing your sisters death.

My sympathies for your loss. Cancer sucks. (Assholes suck too.)

What’s particularly egregious about this post is that fuckers not “waking up” and taking the pandemic “C-word” seriously has resulted in many more people dying of the oncological “C-word”.

Not of course saying that this is what happened to your sister. Cancer’s a bitch whether or not there’s a pandemic on.

My number one rule for life: Never piss off the person that cuts your hair or makes your food.

Sadly, this isn’t limited to just Trumpian’s (well this particular quote is) - there are far, far too many people out there where everything is about them. Everything that happens to you is only important as to how it affects THEM. Thus every tragedy for someone else is seen through that lens. The person you quoted sounds like they don’t deserve your sister as a friend - it wasn’t about the loss of another person, it wasn’t sympathy for those left behind, it was a chance to score points.

So yes, your implied insult was probably earned. I wouldn’t use that one, but “selfish asshat” readily comes to mind, and isn’t even gendered! And back to the title of the OP, yeah, it really does leave me hating people in general (although this particular case does have that extra soupcon of loathing for Trumpish Vaxxholes).

With barbers, I have a similar one: Never discuss controversial subjects with people holding sharp instruments.

Phlebotomists, too.

Even not discussing them can be hazardous.

And I thought you would link to Michael Palin being a barber before turning out to want to be a lumberjack! Granted, yours is not bad either.