Fuck COVID, which stole my mother’s soul.
Fuck COVID, which smothered my uncle and aunt, leaving them to die alone and in pain.
Fuck all the people who talk about how it’s no big deal. It only kills old people, and fat people, and people with diabetes, and people who are unlucky.


Oh, damn, I am so sorry, @puzzlegal. No words are enough. You have my best thoughts and hugs sent your way.

And I agree: Fuck COVID.

Strangely, when i hover on your thread title, it says “which apple my mother’s soul” ?
Apart from that, yes.

Typo. I fixed it.

Yes. Seconded or thirded, depending on where this post lands positionally.

I am so sorry.

My mom’s not actually dead, but she can no longer speak or feed herself or stand. Ironically, she may be “recovering” from the acute covid. She had a “mild” case. Not hospitalized, blood oxygen didn’t drop below 94%. But i think most of her brain is gone.


Damn, very sorry to hear that.
I haven’t lost anyone to covid, but i’ve had to miss a couple of aunts’ funerals because of it. Bastard.

I’ve lost a healthy friend early last year to COVID, he was in his early 50s and in very good shape.

I just lost my oldest friend to COVID, I am still processing this one. He did nothing right and wasn’t healthy, but damn COVID and damn the anti-Vaxx sites and posts.

Fuck Covid indeed.

I nearly lost my sister to Covid last New Years. It was very close.

Our lives have been interrupted horrifically. Friends and family lost. And yet people still act very stupidly about it. It leaves me very angry and distressed.

I lost a healthy friend in his forties, too. He lived in Toronto, and caught covid after most Americans had been able to get vaccinated, but before the vaccine was widely available in Canada. I believe he would have survived if he’d been able to have been vaccinated.

My mother was miserable all through the pandemic. She was an extrovert, and not having visitors was really rough on her.

But yeah, covid was even worse for her.

So much Fuck Covid.

My brother the extrovert is now showing signs of dementia, earlier than our father did. I definitely blame Covid distancing for the early appearance.

I finally found a job I liked that wasn’t contract but, due to the timely financial credits given because of Covid, the parent company decided to shut down our newly successful division.

Fuck Covid for taking the lives of many friends and acquaintances, including just yesterday.

And fuck Covid for keeping us all from memorials and services to honor our missing family and friends.

Yeah, i think it did the same to my mom. But actually having covid was even worse.


I am very sorry, @puzzlegal. Agreed, FUCK COVID!

I am so very sorry to hear this.

My sentiments exactly.

As an American, for the first time in my life, I am genuinely concerned about the solvency of Medicare, in the wake of all the six- and seven-figure bills they’ve had to pay thanks to this epidemic.

Without a doubt. It’s terrible. The friend who died yesterday actually asked them to stop all assistance. They were about to intubate her. She was a retired nurse, with 3 heart attacks and asthma on her record. She didn’t like the odds so she called it a life right then and there. Brave woman. :cry:


My deepest sympathies.

A friend of mine lost her father, a minister, to COVID a year ago. She would never say the eff word; she says “COVID is a cruel disease.”

I myself, will say the eff word: FUCK COVID!

In addition to the litany of deceased and damaged people in my life I have been working the grocery front line throughout, which despite vaccine and booster bought me not one but TWO rounds with the disease up close and personal.

Fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid fuck covid

And fuck it one more time for good measure. Just fuck everything about it.

I am so very sorry for your loss. I’ve lost a MIL to this, I’ve lost a BIL to this… and now my brother has it. I agree 100%. Fuck COVID!