Why I hate the BBC

My licence fee is £100 a year.For this the BBC promises to educate,entertain and inform me.Today apart from the news and a new episode of Malcolm in the Middle, EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM from 6.30am to 2.30am is a REPEAT!!!most of them rubbish reality shows or shows that we only saw a few months ago.Come on I pay my money,lets get something worthwhile for it.

I don’t get the BBC, but I sure hate the BBC America channel. Mostly because it sucks.
However, things could be much worse for you. Trust me. I’ve been to England, and overall your television programming is about 47 million times better than the shit here in the states.

Well lets see.

The progs that I can see that aren’t repeats are:

BBC1 Northern Ireland

Holby City
55 Degrees North
Rail cops
Above Suspicion

Restoration(most of the night)

Most of the night isn’t flagged as repeats

Again not a lot of repeats flagged

Then you’ve got Radio 1,2,3,4,5 and the rest

Or a incredibly complete web presence www.bbc.co.uk

Try being Irish and have a bag of shite channel like the RTE suite and we’ve got ads aswell :mad:

I don’t get it. Why come here and post this lying shit? What sort of thrill does it give you to look like a moron?

Um, not true. So your rant is not only stupid, but a lie.

P’raps the OP meant to read “6.30am to 2.30 pm”? I dunno. If so, then you may have a point (I can’t be buggered to check), but the BBC’s daytime schedule is no worse than any other channel’s. That’s daytime tv for you; it has always sucked, and always will. Get a job, or if you’re a student like me, do some work ;).

Now, if you want to start a rant about the me-too nature of some the BBC’s programming (another fucking home improvement celebrity reality vote?), that’s something I can get behind, and I speak as a some-time employee of the Beeb. But if you didn’t typo your times, then please don’t make stuff up. The BBC is grand, and having seen it from the inside I believe there’s a genuine commitment to serving the license-payer. And like woodstockbirdybird says, if you haven’t experienced US TV then you can’t possibly appreciate how lucky we are over here.

(I’m not bashing US shows, btw, I just appreciate how we get to import the best ones and watch them with no (or nearly no) adverts; Buffy, 24, ER, West Wing, NYPD Blue, etc…)

Perhaps the OP could gouge his eyes out with an ice pick, and when he’s done doing that, stick the pick deep in each ear and wiggle it around a bit.

I say this because I understand that blind and deaf people are exempt from the BBC tax.

It’s worth looking into … anything to spare you from having to endure REPEATS!

Are there other TV channels in Britain besides the 4 BBC ones? Or is that it?

Hey, we’re not that stone-age :). There are quite a few more channels; there are 5 on terrestrial analogue broadcast: BBC1 and 2, ITV, and channels 4 and 5. ITV, C4 and C5 are all commercial stations and have adverts, but about half as many as in the States. Then there’s digital terrestrial broadcasts, on which there are all the basic channels, some extra BBC ones, second channels for ITV and C4, and then a bunch of 24 hour news channels, shopping channels, music channels and what-not. We also have cable and satellite, which is much like in the US.

Yeah. Plus, they STILL haven’t released A Bit of Fry and Laurie on DVD. BASTARDS!

So let’s see. £100 a year…so even by your calculation, for less than 30p, on that particular day you got news (information) and Malcolm in the Middle (entertainment). Beyond that you got a days worth of BBC radio which your 30p also has to cover, and which you could enjoy if you’d just turned you television off once and a while.

Yeah, what a lousy deal.

Ya pillock (which is British for :wally ).

BBC America has tons of great shows… Let’s see…

My Hero
The Office
Little Britain
3 Non-Blondes
The Saint
The Avengers
The Prisoner
Trailer Park Boys
Faking It
and more…

Nope… doesn’t seem to suck…


That is the most disguntingly funny thing I’ve read in these fora in a long… well, today. :smiley:

Apologies.I didn’t check my post properly :wally :smack: It should have said every program on BBC2 from 6.30am to 2.30am is a repeat…

:smack: See my thread above :slight_smile:

I have a job.I work 2 days 7-2:30,2 days 10.30-6.30 and have 3 days off. That means every few days I have to end up with daytime TV :slight_smile:

BBC2 are obviously missing out on that important “those with nothing else to do in the middle of the day in the middle of summer and who has seen every single programme before” audience percentile.

Um, no. Still not right.

Newsnight - def not a repeat, let alone most of the kid’s programmes, probably. Others may or may not be - but I doubt it.

Perhaps every programme you might have been interested in turned out to be a repeat? Otherwise we’ll have to assume you’re just confused.


Newsnight would be classified as a news program :slight_smile:

Newsnight is a current affairs programme. It doesn’t tell you bulletins, etc it engages in discussion about topical issues.

We could shift the thread towards why we ALL have to pay the licence fee regardless of weather we watch the bbc channels or not. I refuse to believe that there is no way of blocking bbc broadcasts. So why not a simple box which sits between your aerial and tv blocking bbc. Its got a barcode on it and links to the database which TV licencing keeps on us all.

No licence ? - thats ok he cant receive bbc - he bas box #657612536.

And a prison sentance for not paying - fucking appalling.


Regarding repeats - what i dont understand is why certain programmes are repeated almost religously, whilst others never get a second showing:

Dads Fucking Army is on loads, as is Only Fools and Horses. They have been for the last 20 years !!
Are they the only ones worth showing - i think not. And if we payed for them in the first place, why cant we get them on DVD now? Or even VHS !!