Why is a gallon of gas 9/10 of a cent?

I have searched & searched to find out why this started and by whom. What was the purpose and why is it continuing? I know the JC Penny 99 cent idea, and maybe that was it. Any insight would be great.:confused:

Discussed often. Covered in my Unofficial FAQ which contains links to prior threads.

Where’s the OP living that a gallon of gas costs less than $0.01? :wink:

I’ve heard that several gas stations actually charge the rounded price, anyway. That is, if the advertised price is $2.99[sup]9[/sup], and you buy 10 gallons, you’ll be charged $30.00, not $29.99 .

This link pulls together most of what I have heard over the years.

About the only thing not mentioned that I have heard is something about a tax that comes down to the 9/10 of a cent.

This borders on consumer fraud. (Well, stupid-consumer fraud.)

This has always bothered me, and I think it shouldn’t be allowed. But I guess if enough people were upset they just wouldn’t buy gas at these places…evidently enough people are not upset over it.

And just where would they buy non-.9 cent gas? If it’s not offered you can’t make the choice.

So, should my shiny new Blu-Ray disc not be allowed to be priced at $29.99?

As long as that is the price that gets rung up at the register, it is legal.

You can’t legislate against stupid people, as much as it would help things.

Recently the 99¢ Only Store raised their prices to 99.99¢ rather than to $1 because of customer backlash. I guess their margins are so thin they can still eke out a profit for .99¢ more per item. I’m wondering how much longer they’ll be able to pull it off.

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If you will reread my question it asked about “9/10 of a cent” not $.09 or 9 cents for gas.:smack:

And by the way, what exactly is OP? My thanks to the others who were helpful or have the same question.:smiley:

9/10 of a cent is $0.009.

And the OP is the original post (or original poster, who is you in this case).

OP == Original Poster (i.e, you)
9/10 of a cent == $0.009 < $0.01 [Unless you work for Verizon]