Why is [b]Dinsdale[/b] still posting on this forum?

Dear Moderators,

Dinsdale has wished death on all American Soilders.

Why is he not Banned?



Can we get a link so we can either agree with you or denounce you properly? Pretty please?

Call me dubious. No link, no quote, no reasoning- just a request (in public no less) for the Mods to fight your battles for you. I am sure a search would show no past conflicts between you two- right?


That good enough? I think it’s pretty reprehensible, and… shows a severe misunderstanding of human nature.

Here you go. Get ready to agree.

I. Am. Absolutely. Speechless. :mad:

As we used to say in my day, far out.

While Dinsdale’s OP is definitely beyond the pale and tacky beyond belief, I don’t think the SDMB has a policy for banning folks just for being obnoxious (nor should there be one). Otherwise, half the Dopers in Great Debates would get tossed out on a regular basis, and we may as well shut down the BBQ Pit and spare everyone the bother.

From the cited thread:

Let’s hope more US soldiers die because [bDinsdale** thinks some people in the US have “inadequate health care”. If someone ever assembles a top 10 list of the stupidest, most vile post in the SDMB history, this has to be right up there at the top.

We can only assume that moderators are mulling over the bad right now.

What is this a patriotic message board? This is an international forum. Would your reaction be just as strong if he had wished for more French casualties for example?

It was a poor choice for a debate topic. Somehow, I don’t think Dinsdale really believes in or appreciates the gravity of what was posted. Unless given other examples, I would view it as a momentary brain fart.

Ultimately though, directly asking the mods would give you the best answer.

And to think I opened this thread preparing to call Milum an idiot. Feel free to file this away for sig use, but Milum you are right. I don’t think he should be banned, or officially reprimanded in any way. I do think Dinsdale made a monumental douche bag of himself.

1000 apologies, but someone just had to come in and say Band Name!

They have a policy on wishing death on people. Or is that just wishing death on other members. Anyway if it’s the former, and unless I am mistaken, that is why the OP is asking why he is still a member.

These days, and on this board in particular, wishing death on people is pretty dumb.

there is however a rule against being a jerk, and wishing for the death of soldiers would likely fall on that one.

I understand what Dinsdale was trying to get at, but believe he also made a specific choice here. Sorry Dinsdale .

I can say without a doubt that the substitution of French for American wouldn’t have changed a damn thing for me. The subsitution of Iraqi wouldn’t change it for me either. Even the staunchest of proponents of the war Iraq don’t take pleasure in the deaths resulting from it. I think this war is a foolish adventure and mourn the loss of life on our side and theirs.

Seeing young men and women robbed of a future isn’t worth celebrating in any circumstance. Hoping they get used up and spit out in affirmation of some warped political agenda is just repugnant.

Well, one could make the argument that putting $87 billion toward better health care would save a few American lives, dontcha think?

The soldiers aren’t just abstract symbols that represent America like a flag. They are young mean and women with families and people who love them. To celebrate their death is to celebrate the misery and hopelessness of people who have done no one any harm.

I thought it a legitimate utilitarian argument. Greatest good and whatnot.

Apparently most everyone disagrees. Fine.

I’m not about to apologize for raising an extremely ugly issue, as I would have had no cause to think such things if it were not for our extremely ugly administration and its policies. I was not trying to yank anyone’s chain, tho I did not attempt to mince words.

Face it. Soldiers are going to keep dying over there. Furthering no legitimate goal. Oh well. I’m sure someday they will erect a statue on the mall to celebrate their glorious sacrifice.