"Why is (blank) popular? I don't like (blank)."

Threads like this one make me so very, very tired.

The OP names a celebrity, expresses mystification with that celebrity’s success, and then goes on to claim the celebrity is not intelligent or attractive or a good actor or a good singer or otherwise does not possess the traits that are the supposed foundation of the celebrity’s fame.

The subtext of these OPs is always: “My taste is better than everyone else’s, and I don’t like this person. Therefore, everyone else has bad taste.”

DMark, Leonardo DiCaprio is famous because not everyone is you, all right? Is that a simple enough answer for you?

There is nothing more tiresome than the attitude of “if you disagree with me, you must not be a reasonable person.” And it’s amazingly prevalent.

Your both wrong, and don’t forget it. :stuck_out_tongue:

[sup]& that’s what happens when you don’t preview.[/sup] :o

But… But… But some people really do suck! Really. I have a list…

And some of them even do that badly

Why are pit rants popular? I don’t like pit rants.

I have a friend that does this EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s something he doesn’t like. OTOH he likes Michael Bay so I don’t have to respect his opinion about anything.

So you think what, Fiver? All celebrities are equally talented, and deservedly are recognized as such?

Or is it just that you think personal tastes account for celebrities’ renown, so there’s no point talking about one’s personal tastes? I’m not following your point here.

I think Fiver’s point is that some people seem to have the attitude that they are the sole arbiter of taste for the universe. I had a friend like this; all his opinions about books, movies, music etc were expressed as “X is good/bad” rather than “I don’t like X.” There was no room for discussion once he had decided how he felt about anything. It drove me nuts until I just decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation of trying to get him to acknowledge that anybody else’s opinions might actually have merit. I just nodded and changed the subject.

Does this mean my list of People I Would Be Entirely Happy Hearing Nothing More About in 2003 is now inappropriate?

And yes, Lizzie Grubman is on the list.