Why is Christmas the most pornable holiday of the year?

If there’s one holiday that supplies endless themes for humorous porn, it’s Christmas. Why should this be so? I can only offer the following speculations:[ul][]In the US at least, it’s the biggest and most important holiday of the year.[]If there’s one holiday that is celebrated at workplaces by an office [del]orgy[/del]party, it’s Christmas.[]Chistmas is celebrated by the exchanging of gifts.[]Christmas is personified in the character of a saintly (and therefore lampoonable) figure.Other holidays are more limited. Halloween seems to be becoming a second-place contender as slutty costumes become more fashionable. The various pre-Lent celebrations (Mardi Gras, Carnivale) certainly have a reputation but didn’t become a tradition in the primarily Protestant US. You’d suppose some sort of rites of spring/ fertility celebration might be a contender but other than Spring Break none of our spring/early summer holidays seem to have any sort of sexual theme.[/ul]

Two words: “Unwrap me.”

It’s my dick in a box…

Perhaps because the iconography of Christmas is so clear, and so ubiquitous. It’s easy to turn your porn set into a Christmas porn set just by getting your regular holiday decorations out of the basement.


I’d like to think that it’s some kind of distant, subconscious folk memory of Saturnalia.

Or even hotter, don’t :cool:

“Why is Christmas is the most pornable holiday of the year?”

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Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! </Bad Santa>

i. mistletoe
ii. Why is Santa so jolly? Because he knows where all the bad girls live.

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Why doesn’t Santa have any kids?

Because he only comes once a year, and then it’s down the chimney.

In contrast to the Christmas factors, look at Easter- three main things- Jesus, bunnies, eggs. The pornability of any of those is just EWWWW! (With the exception of Playboy Bunnies.)

Because old, fat, white haired guys with beards is what all women secretly desire.

Not to mention, one would HOPE that the birth or Christ would be more joyful to celebrate with a sound round of hearty bonin’ than his death. Plus, it took him three days to come again. What woman will put up with that kind of time delay?

Sean Connery FTW.