Why is everyone busting on poor Eva Longoria's mustache in these pics?

They say she has a mustache, but I really don’t see it.

I see one most in the pic on the right. She’s still pretty cute. Who is she?

Eva Longoria

It’s not that she has that much of a mustache, it’s that she doesn’t have lipstick on, and in comparison, her upper lip looks weird.

Or like me she may have melasma which causes slight darkening of the upper lip. She would probably pluck/wax or bleach a mustache so it may be pigmentation which is normally covered with makeup.

Sure looks like she has a moustache. If that’s really her, her beauty is definitely a product of makeup…

Oh, please! That woman could have a moustache you could run a comb through :eek: and she’d still be gorgeous.

Or it might be that she did have a mustache and recently waxed it. Waxing often causes skin irritation, so that could be just a wee inflammation discoloring the upper lip.

Still, it’s a great demonstration of how glamour can come from little pots of paint and powder. Same with Pamela Anderson–the face you see in “public” is so different from her bare face, you’d walk right by her in the produce aisle at Safeway and not know it was her.

Except for the melons, of course.

Makeup and photo-editing make even the pretty girls look plain and boring when they’re without.

But yeah… she needs to do something about the mustache… especially if she’s telling Cosmo (or one of the other sex filled magazines… don’t quote me on that. I can’t remember for sure.) about getting a brazillian wax. Wax the lip too!

I’d still kiss that mouth.

It could be discoloration from spray on tanner. That stuff can get really blotchy.

And, Eva is dark-skinned and dark-haired. She’s bound to have dark body hair as well. They probably just caught her on an off day. The tabloids are so cruel. I saw a perfectly lovely picture of her in her bikini and they were saying she had cottage cheese ass, which she most certainly does not.

I have a scar on my upper lip which makes me look like I have half a 'stache.

I have a mustache. I try to keep it at bay every day, but depending on the lighting in the room, I’m sure someone can make out my microscopic stubblies. If they’re trying real hard.

She’s still pretty, if with a mustache. I’m sure the haters are just jealous.

Damn! Emilio Zapata reincarnated! :wink:

I wouldn’t be surprised if she does have a mustache that has either recently been waxed (leaving a mark) or in need of a wax- after all, she is hispanic and I don’t think that I have a single friend with her complexion that doesn’t get her lip waxed.

That said, I’ve got freckles between my lip and nose that, in certain lights, look like a mustache. Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

It’s still not a patch on Julia Roberts’s moustache. I can’t believe she doesn’t get more stick about that!

Don’t forget that Ms. Roberts went out like this .

Call me crazy, but I’m inclined to think she doesn’t care.

Please. What’s with this urge to look at one or two bad photos of some celebrity and then decide that she’s hideous? It’s really something that bothers me; it’s incredibly poor taste to go around saying nasty things about women who are ugly, and it’s rather hypocritical since I doubt most of us look as good as she does. (In my own opinion, she’s an attractive woman but not amazingly so; nevertheless, her looks are far above average.)

Jesus, harping on a woman for having some facial hair just strikes me as really mean-spirited. One of my good friends is a tall, leggy blonde who is attractive as all hell; after I’d known her a few years she told me that she’d been having laser hair removal done for years (it’s not always permanent.) Sure enough, if I really looked for it, I could see a few hairs on her upper lip. She’s extremely good-looking anyway; do you people zero in on every female you make the acquaintance of and find miniscule flaws to dissect later when she’s not present?

It’s particularly ironic in this case as she doesn’t look particularly bad. She doesn’t look quite as good as she does wearing makeup and posing, it’s true. But if you’re under the impression you could take any random woman off the street and have expert makeup artists and photographers go to work on her, and end up with something that looks like Eva Longoria or Angelina Jolie or Salma Hayek, you’re off your rocker.

Most casual photos don’t look that good anyway; if Eva Longoria counts as ugly based on three photos taken inside a car, two of which she’s not looking at the camera, I really wonder what your photo album looks like, control-z. Are you sure I couldn’t find three photos of you that look as bad as these? Would it be fair to say that you’re ugly based on that?

Sorry . . . I know this is long and rambling. But I’ve always thought this tendency to search for awful photos of female celebrities and rip them apart for their looks - when it happens to be one candid shot where they have a weird facial expression, or a photo of them in a bathrobe picking up their newspaper or whatever, was really mean-spirited and incredibly sexist. The idea that it’s somehow an acceptable activity to sit around critiquing women’s looks is the sort of thing that should end when you’re about thirteen; it’s really a revolting thing to do.

And man, what is that LiveJournal community anyway? Is it like a special gathering place for morons? I’m so amazed to see that much idiocy and so much sour grapes all gathered in one place.

And man, what is that LiveJournal community anyway? Is it like a special gathering place for morons? I’m so amazed to see that much idiocy and so much sour grapes all gathered in one place.

It’s a gossip community- quite the popular one, in fact. All of the major tabloids read there to get the first dish. I’m not kidding.